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Social Media Changes & The Relationship Between Companies

Want to know the one thing that every successful digital marketer does first to ensure they get the biggest return on their marketing budget? It’s simple: goal-setting. This is an absolutely essential practice for any digital marketer who knows how to execute their campaigns in a productive, cost-effective way. With a few. With a few simple tips, you can be doing the same in no time! In this blog, we’ll walk you through the first steps every savvy digital marketer takes to ensure that they’re on target to hit all their marketing objectives. Get ready for revenue! 

Remember: even if the channel you’re considering is all the rage right now, it might not fit your brand. Always make informed decisions that directly relate to your company. Otherwise, your message won’t be delivered to its intended audience and you’ll have wasted time, effort and money.

Know Your Digital Goals

The first step is clearly identifying which goals you want to achieve. Get specific. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Are you all about locking in leads? Do you want to establish a strong network of influence’s that can help you be discovered? How about pushing engagement on social media?

Get Specific

A useful tool for narrowing down your goals to ensure they’re viable is the SMART mnemonic. It’s important to get specific to understand exactly what you’re working towards, and help you break down the process of hitting your targets. This is exactly what this mnemonic helps you to achieve.

  • Does the channel reach my intended audience?
  • Is the channel sustainable and affordable within my company’s marketing budget?
  • Will I be able to measure the success of the channel?
  • Does the channel allow me to express my brand’s intended message?
  • Do the channels I’m considering work together to convey my message?

Always Remember Your Goals

Establishing a solid vision for your business is the first step to planning your digital marketing budget. Always keep your final goals in sight when organising anything for your company. When deciding which steps to take next in your business, ask yourself how they will help you achieve the goals you outlined in Step #1. This will ensure that you stay on track and prevent you from spending your budget on anything that won’t help you achieve.

As your budget progresses and evolves, continue referring to your SMART objectives. Stay focused and remember your goals – they will always inform what your next step will be!

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Free Social Media Marketing Analysis

Fill In the form to receive your SEO checker analysis report.  Your report will be sent direct to your email within 15 Minutes. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam box and mark us safe


Local SEO & how it can help your business

Can a local SEO strategy help my business?

Are local seo services are extremely important for your business? Simple answer is Yes. They are hugely important for your local and national rankings. A user is looking for a service locally. If you appear in the first few listings your conversion rates for your business will be a lot higher.  When looking for a SEO service in London.  You would use a term such as Local SEO services in London, seo services in Cwmbran, etc.

Your gym is based in a certain area. You would search for gym in Reading and so on. When you appear for these terms. Then you have a constant and fantastic way to drive traffic to your site. Not only traffic, this is traffic with buyers intent ready to spend on your service or products.

The 3 main strategies and results, when using terms such as local SEO services South Wales:

The first one is that you will dominate a lot of the internet real estate on Google’s first page listings. Doing this for as many local keywords. Use all the assets you have for your company, such as your website, social media marketing accounts, directories such as yell, google my business, yahoo local etc

As you will appear first and mainly in the first page listings then you have built authority and you are now the go-to brand in your local area for your specific products or services

Another benefit is  as you have built up your local listings, google favours this and it will begin to complement your national exposure

How long does terms like Local SEO services London take to have an effect

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so to with Local SEO services, it takes around 8-12 weeks to start seeing the effects of this service.

The difference is by using this type of marketing. When you start seeing the results. You will see, as long as you are consistent. They will simply grow each month from then on-wards.  The investment you have made into your business via your marketing budget is now making a great return on investment.

All companies will benefit from having exposure in their local area, and it helps to build a strong foundation foundation for your business.  Small business who use Local SEO services will see more of an impact. This happens as the products that a smaller business sells, tend to be aimed towards users and customers within their local area.

SO you are interested at this stage in more national clients. Simply put you’re a gas fitter, pt instructor and your are covering London. You want to be found on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo for the search term of Gas Fitters in London. PT Instructor London. You don’t want to be appearing necessarily in Wales for these terms.

We have a team of professional Local SEO service experts. Professionals who have ranked, built a strong local online presence for business’s all over the UK.

Find out how we can help you to dominate your local listings.

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Free SEO Audit

SEO Checker example sem rush

Use A Powerful SEO Checker For #1 Google Rankings

What is an SEO checker tool?

An SEO checker is a website technical analysis tool. Furthermore it will provide you a with a great amount of use-able knowledge to improve your rankings.  As a matter of fact you could call it a Google Seo report of your website.

If you want more visitors & search traffic to your business website, then you need to have a solid SEO strategy and using a SEO checker tool to obtain an analysis of your websites issues, is a great place to start.

How to fix the SEO issues highlighted in the SEO Checker analysis report

Simply all you have to do is follow the information that the website analysis report provides. The SEO analysis will highlight all of the SEO errors that you need to fix and pay attention too. There will be a range of issues to correct, some easier that others.

SEO audit analysis

In this case in order to have a highly successful website just follow the information from our SEO analysis. In other words if you implement and correct the highlighted problems, you will see an increase in your Google website rankings as well as the and other search engines.

Simple formula for traffic and success

The higher you rank = More targeted visitors to your site

The more targeted visitors to your site = More sales / conversions

Free SEO analysis

Fill In the form to receive your SEO checker analysis report.  Your report will be sent direct to your email within 15 Minutes. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam box and mark us safe

After Using our SEO checker optimisation tool

Within 15 minutes you will receive your report, complete with a list of errors and areas to look at.  Once you are aware and able to fix issues. Especially the ones that are hindering your website’s progress.

To emphasise you now have the information on how to achieve the top spot on Google. Our Seo checker audit prioritizes each of the solutions. Significantly based on potential traffic impact and ranks them with a traffic light system on the ease of implementation. Once you make changes, you can re-run the report and check to see if you did it correctly.

The SEO Analysis report doesn’t just point out the issues, we give you tips on what you must complete to fix each of them. It will show you for example your issues with H1-H6 tags.

The website analysis report also provides you with your Moz Rankings and analytics show you information or lack of information about your social media presence, page speeds and authority.

The health of your website and SEO audit score should be of the upmost importance for you. It is here to guide you to the higher echelons of Google SEO rankings and to the promised internet real estate of Google page one.

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Explode Your Business Growth By Writing A Blog Post

Writing A Blog Post Or Guest Blogging To Increase Authority

Blog post & guest blogs are a great way to become more authoritative and keep up to date. By writing blog posts or guest blogs. We are a strong believers in guest blogging. Lets me explain why it is important and how you can benefit even being new to blogging.

What you’re about to read doesn’t just apply only to bloggers who enjoy writing huge articles and essays like some do. If you find it difficult  and you struggle to update your own blog frequently or simply you do not find topics to talk about often then this can still help you.

Do you struggle to write a blog post or guest blogs

If you struggle to write a blog or guest post, you should focus on your own research and can do this while still engaging others on your blog let them write the content for you.

Ask a question that is highly relevant to your niche, get the answers from your users, and summarise their thoughts, please be objective and understand what they are saying and what really matters, mention them and their opinions in your article, they will love that you mentioned them.  Give them a link to the article and ask if they will link back, great way to get a new back-link for yours and their site.

Guest blogging will help

Guest blogging can help you attract new visitors, who may never of seen you before, by guest blogging you are’ reaching out to someone else’s audience, make the article, blog informative.

If you struggle get a company to write you a blog post or guest post, but practice writing one yourself put it out there. Just because you may not think its good doesn’t mean other’s wouldn’t. The thing with blogging and guest blogging today is we are not all perfect. We are not meant to be. If you don’t like writing do a video blog with your mobile. People love realism and will lap up the content. As long as it is informative. Tell them about your struggles the choice really is up to you.

Post blog comments

We will ask you to do something and all’s it will take is an hour or two a day, and the results will come, find a group, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram comments its up to you, but go on 100 profiles per day and comment 100 times in total on different posts.  Don’t comment like your post or things like that comment something that will get you noticed.  An opinion and ask for people to comment back, do they agree?  do they not agree? if they agree brilliant what did they agree with?, if they disagree don’t get into arguments ask them what they don’t agree with and why.

Before you know it doing this each day you will start to get new followers, direct them towards your blogs ask them what they think be open, gradually you will see a loyal audience starting to follow you

Keep commenting

Keep doing this daily and your hard work for 2 hours a day will start paying dividend to you, also you will be improving your writing skills at the same time.

So test it see how many followers you have now.  Then do this 100 comments per day on posts of influential people in your niche and in 2 months time see how many followers you now have.

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Page one Google rankings

How To Achieve Page One Google Rankings

Page one Google rankings are important for your business

If you want to know how to achieve page one google rankings, you will need to read the whole article or you’re not going to be able to rank on Google. 

Hey everyone I’m Nathan director of EBK Marketing. Today I’m gonna share with you three tactics, to implement so you can rank number one on Google today.

Why I got into SEO

I got started with SEO a few years back after I fiddled with some websites. As Kevin Costner said build it & they will come.

Well let me tell you now, Kevin is a liar, sorry Kev. For instance, I built it and they did not come. Not only that I rebuilt it and guess what they still did not come.

After that I started to look online and found some mystical art that no one told me about. I read an article and the first few lines were something like “Yes Harry you too can become a Wizard and learn something called SEO.” Well let me tell you now, it’s not as simple as I first thought, but I was determined to learn. In other words what i found is there are strategic ways to market and do SEO search.

It can be difficult but you know what I never gave up.

Page one Google rankings

Content is still king

You would of heard gurus tell you this and yes they are right. They don’t tell you that the content needs to be good. It must be engaging, it must pull in your users and give them the feeling of wanting more.

So for example, you want to create an article on coaching kids football.You could do five best tips on defending. If you write an article that is suppose to be informative, then go deep. Explain, how to achieve this. The methods to use, issues they may face and a solution.  Add pictures, really spend some time on creating it.

Bullet pointing and one line will simply not do. Do you have a video of the activities to go with it? Maybe some PDF downloads, really give the user something. Show them they can trust that you know what you are talking about. Have a comment section to your article. Ask questions, ask them to ask you questions.

Engage and answer them, yes you do have to be social. So answer each question. It will pay off. Always make sure to review your document. Update it re-release it, share it again.

There is already social proof on there and it will attract more people building you authority and trust.

Book A Call Today And See How We Can Help Your Business Grow

Optimise your website landing pages

Tip number two, to rank number one on Google. Optimise your title tag and your Meta description. Have you ever done a Google search and noticed that every time you do it there’s this link at the top and then there’s this one sentence with the link at the top is called a title tag and the description below is called a meta description now think of it this way:-

If you search for the phrase online marketing tips. When the search results come up you don’t see the word online, its not in the title, and not in the description.

Are you going to click it??? Well to put it simply no as it doesn’t appear to be what you are looking for.


In conclusion, in 2020 Keywords are still extremely important, when wanting to achieve page one Google rankings this is how Google places the results in front of a user.  Add them into the title and description so for example

  • Title – Online digital marketing tips.
  • Description- Check out our latest and greatest online digital marketing tips for 2019.

This tells Google & the user exactly what that page is about.

Look at your competitors especially the ones ranking higher.  What are their titles? what do they have in their descriptions, frequency of the keyword etc.  Use this to your advantage.  Don’t copy put your own spin on it.

Now surely I can go into deeper into this you say. In truth i can but that can be for a future blog.

Use the free marketing tools available to help reach a page one Google ranking

Google to be fair is the master of search engines that you need to impress to get high rankings

Most importantly use Google search console, Google analytics, Google keyword planner although there are other keyword tools available out there that are equally as good if not better than Google keyword planner.

There are a lot of other tools on offer paid and free, Moz, semrush and others are all super useful too

Above all review your sites, content and update continuously really put yourself deep into what you are doing and be persistent, don’t give up.

Implement these simple tips and you will see better search results, this is not a fast fix, it is for business who want to be here for the long journey.

Implement them and then after you have review and analyse the results, comment back engage and be social

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