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How to grow your blog post for your business from Scratch to 100k monthly visitors – Powerful advice

How to grow your business by writing a blog post -100k monthly visitors achievable with these simple tips

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Grow your blog to 100k monthly visitors tips and advice

  • Choose your decided niche area 
  • Define who your target audience will be
  • How to choose the right topical information for your blog posts
  • The quality of content that you should be aiming to compose
  • How to optimise your blog posts to amplify their visibility in the search engine results
  • Use featuring industry influencers in your content to build authority
  • Why Building relationships with influencers is important
  • Optimizing posts for readability

The beginning of building your blog and getting it off its feet by attracting your initial following is the hardest part.

Gaining the first few hundred and next few thousand regular visitors is not easy, but it is your education and learning phase. Don’t be disheartened during this stage, as going from 0-5K monthly visitors is going to take you a lot longer, than going from 10K to 50K, or 50K to 100K visitors.

What is a niche and why picking your ideal niche is important to grow your blog post

Choosing and researching the right niche for your blog can be the difference in how difficult it will be to gain your 100k followers. You need to know this information, as unlike what most people think, it is simply more than just a topic. It is going to show you how you are going to talk to your audience and will provide you with the knowledge needed to become an expert in that chosen area.  

Another important part of choosing a niche is to choose something you love, this will help you massively in the long run, as if you don’t have a passion for your blog and niche, you are going to find it very difficult to produce the content needed on a consistent basis, especially to the standard of quality that is required. 

The easy way to start your blog is by writing about emerging trends. Has something piqued your interest while you are browsing the internet? If you see something that crosses over into your industry/niche and is at the beginning of the trend, then this gives you a perfect opportunity to make your mark. If you are one of the first talking about a new emerging trend, then you have a jump start and will notice it is very easy to gain followers fast and will be a lot easy to rank in the search engines but also learn to distinguish if this will be a short term fad or a long term trend. 

Check out this blog post from Neil Patel on:- How to start a blog that generates $3817 a month

How to establish your target audience

Now you have decided your niche, you are now looking to establish who your target audience will be, so that you can produce content that will resonate with them. But how do you do this? It is time to ask yourself some questions.

  • Who will you target and what is the expertise level of these targets?  Are they beginners, knowledgeable or experts in the area? 
  • What professional role do these people have, what job title will this audience hold for example?
  • Which sources and influencers will this audience be following?
  • Are there sub-topics in this area you can cover?
  • How can you help solve a pain point for the target followers and what can you do to help or educate?
  • Which blogs will be similar to yours? and who do they have following them?
Once you have this information you are able to build an avatar or persona for the audience which enables you to go back to when deciding what topics to cover.  For example, when you are selling a product or service you are far more likely to be successful actually 48% more successful it is reported if you are more personal and address a specified pain point and provide a solution.

Why you must choose the topic for your content posts wisely

I know this is the easy part, you write what you want when looking to grow your blog right?….. Sorry, actually you don’t!!  Your whole content strategy is about focusing on the topics your audience has an interest in and actually cares about.  

If you want to rapidly increase your followers this is the strategy you need to follow and include these topics in your post.  You are aiming to provide your audience with value in your content. This isn’t an ego trip to make you feel good, it is about making your audience feel good and empowered. But how do you find what they want? 

What content research tools can help me with topics?

There are lots of available tools that you can use, to find out this information and we will cover a few briefly here:-

  • Ubersuggest is my personal favourite and is brought to you by Neil Patel, the tool itself is a free SEO tool that helps you to generate new keyword ideas and provide you with the best content ranking opportunity on Google for that term or keyword. 
  • Buzzsumo is a tool that provides you with the power to review which topics and content are performing best is a specific niche or industry. It also helps you to identify and choose influencers in which you can promote content too. It really is great to help get those creative juices flowing by opening your mind top to new topic ideas to explore, as well as angles from which to write.   
  • Reddit the site that announces itself as the “front page of the internet,” and well, to be honest, that is not an empty boast from them. They are currently the 7th in the top 10 most popular websites on the internet and what they provide is a network of communities. There are literally millions of them covering all topics, interests and news. You will definitely find what your followers are talking about here. 
  • Quora – is a place whose main goal is to provide and share knowledge. It’s a simple concept for a platform, where you go to ask questions and connect with people who can answer and contribute unique insights and high-quality answers to those questions.

Why taking the highest-ranking content and improving on it is important.

When considering on writing content a great place to start is by Googling and investigating what is the top-ranking content is currently and look to improve it. You can achieve this by using a strategy called Long-Form Content. In general, long-form when looking to grow your blog will enable you to rank higher and gain top spot rankings, but what do I mean?

For example, you search a topic and it is ranked number 1 the pinnacle of the search engine rankings and it contains 1897 words. What you are aiming to do now is write similar content, but more in-depth and increase the word count to say 2250-2500 words.  You are taking that content and improving it by covering each topic a little more, empowering your audience with more knowledge and to be honest if you want to hit 100k monthly visitors then this is the way to start.

Ok, I’m not saying you have to write every post that length you can write some shorter posts, but to gain visitors and followers you need to take the time each month to provide a long-form content post or even two posts a month. Aim for 2,250-2500 words as this seems to be Googles sweet spot area

SEO optimise your posts for search engine results

You will want to optimise your blog posts so you are able to rank on the first page of the SERPs. If you want to grow then this is essential to ensuring your content will continue to pull in visitors to your post, long after you have hit that publish button.

There are a number of SEO tactics that are at your disposal, which will help you push your posts onto the first page of the Google, Yahoo, Bing and other SERPS or better yet, get you to the top three positions.

The difference in traffic between the top three positions 9 and 10 is huge. Google’s search results 9 and 10 only see about 2% of clicks and if you are even lower you simply aren’t getting traffic to be honest. The ranking of a page doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a while to rank on Google. Out of all the top-10 results on Google, it has been stated that predominantly less than 2% of the results are less than 12 months old.

But achieving position 3 however, you will greatly improve the average click-through rate (CTR) to about 12%. When you secure that elusive sweet spot ranking of number one, you can expect your click-through rate to skyrocket and it should be around 30% mark of all traffic for the keyword.

Why proper keyword research is important for your blog

When researching keywords, you are looking for ideas to grow your blog, you should first be aware that they can be placed into two classifications: short-tail and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords for example are phrases that are generally formed by using three or fewer words. Long-tail keywords on the other hand fall into phrases containing four or more words.

Now obviously, everyone wants to go for the short-tail keywords as they simply boast a much higher search volume level of traffic than the equivalent long-tail phrases. The things are this also means you will have to contend with it being much more competitive. Still, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them totally and the value they can potentially bring, but you should be careful when tackling these phrases to avoid disappointment.

When it comes to Long-tail phrases, you will quickly find these tend to have very low search volumes, quite often the volume levels are that low that popular keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner will not even show these.

To solve this problem use tools like LongTail Pro which is great at uncovering low competition and higher volume phrases. 

Optimising a blog post for a single long-tail phrase, in all honesty, is pretty pointless and is highly likely not to bring you much value, but if you include a few long-tail phrases collectively into one article or post you will find, this can build up to a lot of combined traffic in total, which is great for you.

Long-tail phrases are also much more targeted than their short-tail counterparts, which means they tend to convert at much higher rates.

For example, you have a store that sells ladies wedding shoes and you rank for ladies shoes, you think brilliant and love the fact you rank for ladies shoes, but for some strange reason you are not selling many and you are not sure why?  

When in reality if you were ranking for the long tail keyword term of “What evening shoes look stylish for a lady at a wedding” you will actually be converting higher. This is because your exactly what they are looking for “niched down” rather than a general term where they may be looking for a pair of flats for work. 

What we do suggest is to carefully use a combination of short-tail and long-tail keywords throughout your content, and when using short tail keywords look for low competition especially if you are a new website as your domain authority will be low. 

How to optimise your website content with these chosen keywords

First, let’s look at the big picture, you must optimise search engine keywords in your blog content because:

  • It will drive qualified traffic to your website: To attract visitors to your blog and website, you must optimise for the keywords they’re searching for
  • Record and analyse traffic potential: Analysing keywords provides you with the information needed to gauge the size of your potential online market.
  • Write effective and informative content: By incorporating your optimised keyword selection into your website content, you are able to connect instantly with potential customers and provide a solution to their dilemma 
  • It provides you with an understanding of user behaviour: Taking the time to analyse the words that your customers use, enable you to gain insight into how you can service and provide solutions for those needs.

Add Keywords in the title for better rankings

Now that is all said and done, the first place you need to be adding your keywords is in the Title and then later on in the headings and, sub-titles etc which are also known as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc, more about these in a minute

The title itself will become part of the information a search engine will show about your website in the form of Rich Snippets. You will want these words to be eye-catching as well, so that you can attract potential visitors attention. Remember it has to be short and snappy 50-60 characters or 512px in length. 


The URL divides opinion depending on who you ask. The one thing everyone agrees on is that it is definitely a ranking factor. Some will argue they must be long URLs and others short, personally, I have found that both have worked for me in the past. What you need to do is “try to choose a URL that both accurately reflects the content of the page and features a valuable short-tail keyword”.

That said, bear in mind that short URLs tend to rank better than long URLs. Specifically, try to keep them to five words or less.

H1,H2,H3,H4 Tags

An H1 tag or otherwise knows as a header tag is used so that you are able to highlight your main page title, then you have Other header tags such as H2, H3 etc these are used for subtitles or subsections within a page.

They are all affect ranking factors but the most powerful one is definitely the H1 tag

When writing a blog, be creative with your post titles. These are what that are enticing to readers and built around a keyword (either short-tail or long-tail). In regards to tags your page should only ever have H1 tag but it is ok to have multiple H2,H3,H4 tags etc 

On-page content is extremely important

So want to know a secret which is actually no secret at all?  Let’s be honest actual content on a page is a huge part of how well that page is going to grow your blog. As we have stated earlier long-form content seems to be better received in general with the audience, and when it comes to receiving better rankings from the search engines long form is the way to go. 

It is a simple tactic of if a search engine has more content to analyse and review, then in the eyes of the algorithm the content is worth showing searchers and would be providing more value as long as it is not absolute garbage. 

No, we are not saying write 2000+ words to grow your blog post and you are all set, this is hoping for the best, but really you are setting yourself up for the worst. You need to provide quality content but you can incorporate a mix of both short-tail and long-tail phrases into your content.

Also do not keyword stuff the content as this can affect the quality of the page overall which could result in low rankings.

A simple solution and the proper way you can avoid making this mistake is to do proper keyword research first, use this process as a way to guide the content and subtopics of the post that you are covering.

 I recommend reading this post from Moz which discusses some advanced SEO tactics that will help you to understand the process better. 


Build relationships with industry influencers and mention them in your content

An amazing way to give your content a boost is through the use of highly targeted influencer marketing.  Building strategic partnerships with influencers in your industry is a great way to reach people. One such lady LinkedIn star Lea Turner has had an incredible transformation over the last year on the LinkedIn platform, and her popularity has grown to 70-80k plus followers in a year. Lea provides solutions through one to one LinkedIn Coaching sessions, on how to amplify your Inbound Leads while making the whole strategy fun! I would suggest giving her a message and a follow. You can also check her website out here 

Influencers in general will enable your strategy message to be brought in front of the eyes of people who you normally wouldn’t have reached on your own. 

If you reference an influencer it can provide you with credibility to back up your point of view, while providing you with a reason to contact that influencer who also is in your industry and opens the door a new relationship. 

Remember relationships are two way, so you may be able to grab yourself a cheeky quick backlink or two for your website and blog, but you may also have to give a backlink or two. it is also a pretty simple way to encourage people to take you seriously, it shows you know your stuff. 

Mentioning other industry leaders increase’s the chances of your blog getting shared, which is what you want if you are looking to gain traction and build your audience. 

Ok so you got it now, the first stage is to make contact with all the top influencers….. No this is the first mistake most people do when trying to reach out to influencers. They go for the top and don’t even reach the bottom because they have given up and say “influencer marketing is dead, its oversaturated”. 

Again wrong it is the strategy that is wrong, you should start small, remember some people won’t even look at you unless you have so many followers, it is like an ego thing. When in reality you could be providing amazing content and view of a subject. 

Start small maybe someone with a thousand followers, reach out to them and provide them with your content see if they have similar subjects and maybe offer to join forces on a future post, both giving your own unique perspective even simple quote from them which enhances your subject matter is great

Grow you blog post with email marketing

Do you still send emails?

Well I know, emailing is dead right!! Actually no, it is probably more alive now than ever before, we are in the middle of a global outbreak which has affected the world and how it does business. Everyone is plugged into the internet and online more so that ever in history and if you want to open doors with influencers to grow your blog post you are going to need to make contact.

Yes, we have instant messaging and this will continue to grow and evolve as will online meeting and event platforms, but a good old email can still pack a huge punch once implemented correctly.  Don’t overthink it with your first email, don’t overload with so much info that they simply don’t read it, people tend to forget the “KISS Analogy”  Keep it simple stupid.  The first message should be as simple as 

“Hi, I am xxx 

I wanted to let you know I’ve linked to you in my blog, would be great if you can take a look and let me know if I missed something!

You can view my post here:- ( Your Link) let me know what you think. 

Your name

Here in 2 sentences you introduced yourself and provided two ways for them to reply. 

  • A can you add request which opens door to a collaboration 
  • And the option for their opinion ( Most like to give an opinion) so this can help to start up a conversation.
A few days later reach out and follow up with them if you have not heard back, again keep it simple


I know you are probably like me super busy and it slipped by, but how did you find the post?

Be great to maybe grab 5 minutes with you to discuss a new post i’m writing

Your name

How structure and design is important to grow your blog post

One of the reasons we have margins is not just for design purposes, it is a functional quality too, which enables the best UX reading experience for the readers.

Text that covers the full width of a page is can be difficult to see online no matter which tech solution you are using be that Mobile or iPad. A good tip is to build for the mobile-first in your mind.

But big is the ideal content width for a blog post?

This is really another question that splits opinion. As a general rule most will say to target between 480 and 600 pixels. For Google and SEO purposes use short sentences and paragraphs of varying sizes as this makes it easier to read.

Another great tip is to mix up the text to break it up. It helps readers to quickly scan the document. There are various methods below:-

  • Images
  • Bullet Points
  • Subheadings
  • Highlighting of text
  • Quotes
  • Font types & sizes 
If you follow these tips, you should be well on your way to creating amazing content and after a short period of time be on your way to 10-50k monthly followers, remember it takes time review and adjust. I know I said 100k monthly followers and we will move onto that. Remember getting your initial 10k visitors is the beginning and is the hardest part.

Marketing Academy

How to grow your blog post from 50k to 100k monthly visitors

So you are producing amazing content now and you are looking to move to the next stage but where do you start? Well, it is time to start leveraging your content, you should have a nice flow of steady traffic visiting your blog by now and this is where you definitely are going to need some assistance in some form to move forward.

We suggest and will discuss:- 

  • How to build your support team
  • How to improve visitors stay time by interlinking your content 
  • How to use CTA to build an email list
  • How to improve sign-up rates with content upgrades
  • Strategies to promote your content

How to build a team for support

Once you get to want to scale it is time to acquire a team of skilled members, no I’m not saying go out and hire a whole team of people on monthly wages but to start with hiring freelancers to assist you. This enables you to keep an eye on the purse strings and gives you great flexibility to decide your plans and personnel for the long term plan. The main thing here is to keep the quality of the content, this is what got you here in the first place. We need to look at who you are going to employ now:- 

  • Graphic designer – this will help with the overall design of the blog
  • Email Marketing Expert – they will help and improve your chances of building an email list and setting up campaigns to drive traffic to your blog 
  • Outreach & Relationship Specialist They will manage the promoting and opening of new relationships, the handling of your Social Media platforms such as content, social profiles and general communication with your audience ( Sometimes will be the same person other times you may need two)
  • SEO Professional – The SEO expert will provide the technical aspect of ensuring that your content is optimised correctly and will help improve rankings of content and also provides you with expert knowledge in the changing marketing landscape and improve internal linking and backlinking strategies among other technical aspects. 

Think about the internal linking of your content for a better performance

The internal linking of content can sometimes be forgotten when creating your website, but a strong internal linking strategy can greatly improve the time spent on a website, improves the internal architecture and improves page authority by spreading link equity throughout your site.  A page which has no links is called an orphaned page.

They have been named this due to they are very unlikely to be shown in search results and will not deliver you benefits or link juice as they will not be seen by search engine spiders.  Over time you will have written many articles and if you want to grow your blog posts, linking together the pages will help further enhance the knowledge and value that you are passing to your followers again keeping them on the site for longer, which is an important ranking factor and improves users experience. 

Another great internal link you should always use in your posts in a CTA, like sign up to our website newsletterYou are looking to build your following so don’t be afraid to drop in your internal link or sometimes a button, pop up, welcome mat, floating banners with an offer. It could be 25% off or a free report a trip to the zoo, it really is up to you!! Although a trip to the zoo for every subscriber would definitely be jumped on it could become very expensive very fast unless you own your own zoo but get the idea.

On average even though the user experience suffers slightly for the website visitor, it has been shown to increase sign up rates by approximately 86%. Some companies hit them straight away some tend to have a trigger for as you are leaving a page especially if they want you to purchase. 

How to leverage Content Upgrade

Now you are thinking what do you mean by leveraging your content and how can I implement this into my strategy. Well, a good way to start this strategy is by offering additional resources, more information or by offering something that they can only get by signing up to your newsletter.  You have seen this tactic many times on TV ads too, sign up today to your life insurance plan and get a free Ipad, this is the same concept. If you have some free time read an article by Brian Dean from backlinko on how to increase conversions.

Brian has written many articles which are highly relevant here and is jam-packed full of useful information including- “Complete list of Google Ranking factors” its a big post and when you have Rand Fishkin post called “How to create 10x content – best whiteboard Friday” post and what he explains throughout the read, then this is exactly what he is discussing. Also, Rand’s post is an amazing piece of work and I highly recommend adding it to the reading material I’ve also given you.

They are in-depth long-form content posts and can take some time to look at and if you only want a quick reference may be the style of a summarised blog from Brain will be your best choice on this occasion.  

The reason I mention Brian’s post is that he includes a summarised checklist which is a great piece of information that can be included in his post, but he also uses this to leverage his content by asking his visitors if they would like the download, which most will and this is in exchange for your email address and it is reported that this tactic is converting at a massive 65% conversion rate from the people who see this box.

Other business and marketers will use another tactic which will be something like:- “check out these 15 ways to clean dried in dirt out of your carpet”  wow everyone is looking for these and you will find the first ones good, then comes the carrot. The rest of the blog is hidden away and you get a message like to reveal the top 8 methods enter your email here, and bang curiosity has the user and they will simply give you their email address. 

But, the important point is the value of the content if you are looking to grow your blog post is that it must be worth it and genuinely offer the user legitimate value, you don’t want to have the user feeling cheated if it doe not match their expectations as they will likely just unsubscribe immediately, subsequently make sure you are promoting the content, it is amazing feeling to achieve perfect optimisation for the post and content. 

If no one see’s it, it will be like scoring an overhead kick down the park on your own. You feel great, it looked amazing but when you tell people it doesn’t have the same affect as actually seeing it. You know the buzz you get from your friends seeing it fly in the top corner, this is what you want your audience to feel.

Promote your content everywhere

There is a multitude of ways to promote your content and grow your blog, depending on the type of content will actually depend on where you share it, but you must share it. First the easiest way to get your content out there is to send to your subscriber list, there is a multitude of email marketing platforms you can use and most these days have some automation to give easy of use and saves you time. If you are currently not using an email marketing platform, try Sendinblue, Aweber, Mailchimp or ConverKit which is designed for bloggers.

Social Media

First and foremost you should be pushing to grow your blog posts on all your social media profiles. It’s free simple to do and takes a few minutes.

If you’re not even doing this, then you are missing the easiest trick in the book for getting eyes on your content  and in today’s day and age if you are not on Social Media in some form or another then you are simply you’re wasting your own time creating content in the first place.

If this is what you are doing then another tip is just delete your blog. If you truly want to reach 110k visitors to your blog then get use to Social Media. If it is too much you get someone in to do it for you.

Now, lets Assume, you are posting about your blog posts on social media, then make sure to mix it up, you can not only get away with posting the same content multiple times, but you also should use various ways of promoting it so it is different for the users and also helps you see what is effective for you.

One platform if you have a business to be on Twitter and LinkedIn if your business is B2B

Don’t make the mistake of being lazy and posting multiple tweets in a row about the same piece of content. To save time time we suggest using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to quickly schedule multiple post for the week or month across all your platforms, check them out.

Paid Social

  1. Free social media is amazing way to leverage each piece of content you create, but unless you have a big following it is highly likely to equate to very little visibility on the content, especially on platforms such as Facebook, who change their Facebook algorithm regularly just like Google does, and their model is based on paid ads and this has led to massive decreases in organic engagement

On average it is reported that a Facebook post will only  reach approximately 6.5% of its potential audience, and i’m sorry to inform you the percentage will only decrease the more page likes  you get as Facebook wants you spending your money. Another report has stated that posts from large pages with 500,000 likes could be reaching only 2% of their actual audience.

If you want your content to be seen by a large amount of people on social media, you’re forced to pay up to the Facebooks, Instagram & Twitter.

Therefore maybe we should briefly talk about paid ads and lets start with Facebook and Ads Manager. When thinking about creating an ad you must first choose your objective. On this occasion it will highly likely be “traffic” that you should choose and next will be naming the campaign. The audience wont see this and this if for you own purpose, you will also need to identify the targets you would like to attract to your content. 

Facebook ad basics

  • Custom Audience – This can be a list that you have imported into Facebook yourself and then what Facebook does is match those emails to users which you are now able to target with your content and blog post, this is a highly useful method and strategy for creating retargeting ads.
  • Lookalike Audience – It is what it say’s on the tin, it will be similar audience to the customer audience and Facebook will automatically target people with similar interests to those users
  • Demographics, interests, behaviours – Another great tool that Facebook has is the targeting by a users demographics, their interests and or behaviour of a person and will be chosen automatically using data that Facebook has collected on its member’s.

Including various behaviour and demographics will reduce to pool of people your advert will be shown too and to be honest you can easily spend thousands on ads and still not hit the mark if done incorrectly. If you need help, you can book a call by clicking here

Twitter ad basics

The first part when looking to create a Twitter advert is to visit here which is you account area, if you do not already have an account set one up. It is a pretty process. Just like Facebook you must now decide on the purpose of the campaign, will it be website visits and traffic or will you be looking at conversions if selling a product. It always good remember the blog post is normally the top of the sales funnel so it wont always be conversions. 

To start the campaign process off event before the targeting stage you must:

  • Name the campaign
  • Decide when you want it to run the campaign.
  • Enter your domain name.
  • Choose the relevant category for your advert

You can now decide who will be the target audience obviously this must be people will have an interest in the content, a few of the options available in this stage are:

  • Keyword targeting – is a great one to look at first and is based on what people are looking for and will contain your chosen keywords  within their tweets.
  • Target users – that have similar interests as your target audience
  • Behavioural targeting.
  • Custom lists – like Facebook custom lists.
  • Website visitors – which will involve adding some website code to your site.

My advice would be when looking at driving traffic to choose the option of keywords and interests to gain maximum effect.

Retargeting a previous audience

All companies who are successful will use this approach and retarget their audience, the reason is they already have an interest in your content, products or services so logic tell you show them more, they trust you and are ambassadors for your business when treated right. These users will have likely already visited your website and is a simpler way to get previous visitors back to you website. 

Larry Kim the CEO at Mobile Money and founder of WordStream reported in an article on Moz a 50% increase with repeat visitors, with them spending up to 300% more time approximately on his site. 

There really is a multitude of ways to connect with your audience including Google Ads and many more.

Online communities and content communities

For every topic, product and service you will find content communities. These are a bloggers friend and are designed to help bloggers grow a blog by promoting the working together to promote content between you.

The concept is simple you share someone else’s content on your social media profiles and network and in return they will  share your content for you.

It is always wise to check the quality of content that they would you like you to share as quality on these websites can vary dramatically and in reality you want to be sharing content that is valuable and useful to your audience.  We suggest looing into Triberr or Viral Content Bee.

Now we couldn’t mention communities without speaking about Reddit and Quora these are great for industry related forums and you can find similar groups on Facebook or LinkedIn as well.

The potential audience these platforms can provide you is huge and new readers are joining everyday. 

First off don’t be spamming these communities as it will backfire and get you kicked off site

Instead, you should spend you time in providing value for the communities as the saying goes you only get out what you put in and this is true for online communities too.  Here is a great way to increase your authority in your relevant industry and is simple to do by joining in community conversations and sharing great content to that audience that will provide value especially at the beginning make sure this isn’t your own content. If you can prove your worth to the community you will get asked to provide your opinion and will also arrive at a position where your own content is welcomed.

Unfortunately, this is a long term strategy and if you are not in it for the long term then you the you will fail. Another part when promoting your content to your communities is your title, it can be overlooked by most even though it will be first thing a visitor or users see’s and will be what pulls people into your content. 

Writing A Blog Post Or Guest Blogging To Increase Authority

Blog post & guest blogs are a great way to become more authoritative and will help in you to grow your blog post as long as it is kept up to date. By writing blog posts or guest blogs. We are a strong believers in guest blogging. Lets me explain why it is important and how you can benefit even being new to blogging.

What you’re about to read doesn’t just apply only to bloggers who enjoy writing huge articles and essays like some do. If you find it difficult  and you struggle to update your own blog frequently or simply you do not find topics to talk about often then this can still help you.

Do you struggle to write a blog post or guest blogs

If you struggle to write a blog or guest post, then you will struggle to grow your blog you should focus on your own research and can do this while still engaging others on your blog let them write the content for you.

Ask a question that is highly relevant to your niche, get the answers from your users, and summarise their thoughts, please be objective and understand what they are saying and what really matters, mention them and their opinions in your article, they will love that you mentioned them.  Give them a link to the article and ask if they will link back, great way to get a new back-link for yours and their site.

Guest blogging will help

Guest blogging can help you attract new visitors, who may never of seen you before, by guest blogging you are’ reaching out to someone else’s audience, make the article, blog informative.

If you struggle get a company to write you a blog post or guest post, but first practice writing one yourself put it out there. Just because you may not think its good doesn’t mean other’s wouldn’t. The thing with blogging and guest blogging today is we are not all perfect. We are not meant to be. If you don’t like writing do a video blog with your mobile. People love realism and will lap up the content. As long as it is informative. Tell them about your struggles the choice really is up to you.

Answering post blog comments will help grow your blog

We will ask you to do something and all’s it will take is an hour or two a day, and the results will come, find a group, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram comments its up to you, but go on 100 profiles per day and comment 100 times in total on different posts.  Don’t comment like your post or things like that comment something that will get you noticed.  An opinion and ask for people to comment back, do they agree?  do they not agree? if they agree brilliant what did they agree with?, if they disagree don’t get into arguments ask them what they don’t agree with and why.

Before you know it doing this each day you will start to get new followers, direct them towards your blogs ask them what they think be open, gradually you will see a loyal audience starting to follow you

Keep commenting

Keep doing this daily and your hard work for 2 hours a day will start paying dividend to you, also you will be improving your writing skills at the same time. Test it see how many followers you have now. Then do this 100 comments per day on posts of influential people in your niche and in 2 months time see how many followers you now have.

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