Coronavirus And Your Business


A Clever Move Right Now Is Actually Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 

So let’s look at the facts:

There is more people at home and on their phones. Around 55% of companies have stopped their ad campaigns, with another 60% cutting them in half of their normal ad spend.

So it’s a great opportunity to actually make savings on the cost per click marketing module. You are actually going to gain an unfair competitive advantage by continuing to promote. The likely hood any way is CPC costs are going to continue decreasing in the coming weeks, especially as less and less businesses will be advertising unfortunately.

So really you have the perfect storm, you have customers who still need and want something, you have less competition and it is highly likely to be cheaper costing to your business due to this.

Sadly for some businesses they will close, temporarily stop trading or cease to exist but becomes an opportunity to profit and gain from their lost market share. Combine this opportunity with some great SEO and you will quickly see your business top of the search rankings in Google, Yahoo etc

Your Business Will Bounce-Back If You Can See It Through

We know that this pandemic can not last forever.  People will return and consumers’ spending habits will stabilise and things will rapidly start to pick up.

Today though is where you will make decisions that really will come to fruition at a later date, just like SEO campaigns, these are slow burning tactics that provide you with higher returns in the long run.  You need to ask yourself “Is my business built for the short term or long term? Well now is the perfect time to make sure that you are set up for a highly sustainable long term future.

It really is time to dig out that list of things to do and start ticking them off for your business.  As long as you don’t panic and be smart about things then there is every chance of you succeeding. Local SEO is perfect now as people’s travelling in restricted to the immediate areas in general so get back in touch with your local community.

Is your community still strong ? Who needs help? what can your business really do to help others, forget the costs lives matter and if your business make a difference in peoples lives today, you can be rest assured that in the future this will come back ten fold.

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