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We provide professional SEO Services across a range of sectors

EBK Marketing is a specialist SEO agency with experience in delivering result producing SEO Services and Campaigns to clients from a diverse range of industries. are one of the top Welsh SEO Services providers in the industry.

Our Cwmbran SEO local services release the potential of your website as a business asset & 24 hr day salesman. The truth is you were looking for “Cwmbran SEO Services” as you want to be able to grow your business. You searched for Cwmbran SEO Services and found us on the first page. Thousands of business who are competing for new customers fail, simply because they don’t have a road map for success!! 

It is important to have a strong online presence in 2020, the digital marketing age really is in full swing. Therefore having an SEO plan can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. 

We are an SEO Agency based in Cwmbran and offer a way of gaining success through our creative & unique approach to SEO. Google ranks us on the first page for a number of keyword phrases because we have earned the right to be there and we can offer your business amazing first-page results too.

We’re experts in the business-to-business digital marketing arena. The shift to digital is already happening in the business and more now that the 2020 pandemic hit, it is reported that 63% of executives first course of action, when they are looking to procure products or create new services, is to search online.

We professionally create bespoke digital campaigns that will target your audience specifically, driving your business new leads and sales and helping you grow to your full potential.

WordPress Website Facts

60% Market Share

Of all the websites created, around 60% of them are now created on WordPress as a base

Over 50k Plugins

There are over 50k plugins that you are able to utilise to create a powerful business website

Powerful SEO Capability

WordPress enables you have to have large amount of control over your website to increase your SEO

Why Choose Us

Let our professional team take the stress off your hands and free up your time by building your business online visibility, increasing your rankings in Google and other search engines.
You searched for “Cwmbran SEO Services” and on page one, rank #1 you found us. We practice what we preach and that is why we know we can do the same for your business

With our Local SEO strategy, you will be able to dominate the competition and be proud that you have earned the right to be ranked at the top of Google for your chosen keywords, products or services.

SEO Website Development Agency experts will create an SEO campaign, designed for results, we can create a friendly and beautifully designed website, or manage your Social Media Accounts for you, using the latest creativity and technical know we will provide your business growth opportunities.

Cwmbran SEO Services Page One Rankings

We are one of the leading Marketing Agencies in South Wales. Our experience in building SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns speaks volumes. We create bespoke WordPress websites with a creative and responsive design.

We also lead in eCommerce development in South Wales, and provide a full agency digital service, that can help your business thrive, even in 2020.

Cwmbran SEO Listings

What is SEO

Google is the king of search engines we will be using this as our a main search engine. Statistics will tell you that more than 8 out of 10 people in the Cwmbran & surrounding Gwent area will use Google.  We base our information on your businesses data science and the fact that Google is the go to search engine of choice. Our SEO strategies are designed to improve local rankings, building brand awareness attracting new users & customers to your website from your local area. 

Google is basically a popularity competition. Having an increase in links to your website will improve your ranking for your designated keywords.

Therefore the more quality links we can get pointing to your to your website from external popular and high domain ranking sites, the more impressed Google is and will boost your rankings. Creating optimised useful content will help you start this process. Google takes into consideration and uses over 200 algorithmic calculations to make a decision on where to rank you.  Google regularly improves its algorithms with regular updates so it’s important to keep up to date with the micro-changes that occur

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Why choosing to implement an SEO strategy is smart business

Save Money Long Term, Search engine optimisation (SEO) results over a period of time, are a lot lower cost than Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. A good SEO strategy helps build brand awareness and it helps to build trust between you and your customer which is key. People trust Google so the higher you appear in Google the more people trust your business

As you are now ranking for your chosen keywords, you will start to see higher conversions due to more targeted visitors to the site, the average paid advert converts at around a 2-3% per thousand visitors. SEO on average produces a 4-6% conversion rate per thousand visitors, meaning a higher return for your efforts.

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