What are backlinks?

Back-links are known as inbound links, and they are links that you receive to your website from another source on the internet. They can be extremely powerful and  useful to your business. Search engines take these into consideration to working out if a website is popular.

Analysing your SEO?

  1. Identify the keywords that your site can realistically target and create content around these words.
  2. Identify Who Your Top Competitors are. study them, the site layout and content, the keywords they use and list this, type those terms into Google and complete this task for all your keywords researching the top 10 companies
  3. Analyse the competitors who are ranking in the top 3 positions above you are plan on how to overtake them.

Am I able to improve my SEO ranking & How?

  • Publish New High-quality Content On A Regular Basis.
  • Have a site that other websites will want to link to.
  • Use alt tags.
  • Optimise your images on your pages and blogs
  • Improve your page loading speed by using a fast hosting company
  • Break up your content with header tags every few paragraphs, this enable you to show the various subjects of content and looks more pleasing on the eye to the user
  • Start spreading the news on your own site via a blog page
  • Use outbound links & get high quality inbound links to your site
  • Add more than text, use video, images, info-graphics
  • Make sure your site is user friendly, content is easily found and user is able to read and understand it
  • Fix any broken links inside your side or to your content
  • Optimise your website for mobile devices, this is essential
  • Provide contact information and an easy way to be contact, Social Media, Contact form, Telephone Number, Online Support etc
  • Encourage your users to share content on social media for you.
  • Use keywords and have a strategy

Do blogs and a website differ & how?

A Blog is a type of website. The main difference between a blog and another type of website is a blog will be regularly updated in a chronological order with new content.  A website is multi purpose and cannot be called a blog, but many will have their own blog page so that they update their users with new and up to date news with their content.

Can a WordPress site be better for SEO?

Certain websites & templates make it easier for you to organise your content in the correct structured way so that Google is easily able to read and rank your site. WordPress is a great option for building you a beautiful user friendly site. WordPress is a great solution from a SEO point of view and can have some great add-ons to make your job easier.

Can a WordPress site be better for SEO?

Certain websites & templates make it easier for you to organise your content in the correct structured way so that Google is easily able to read and rank your site. WordPress is a great option for building you a beautiful user friendly site. WordPress is a great solution from a SEO point of view and can have some great add-ons to make your job easier.

Is SEO free as I’ve been told?

SEO is a marketing strategy to help grow a business visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Although you pay for the service, the results when achieved the higher rankings will continue to flow in each month, even if you miss SEO for a month unlike PPC (pay-per-click) which stops as soon as ads stop running.

What are SEO and SMO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of processes and strategies to accomplish the task of attracting more people to your website. Improving your search engine rankings is exactly how this is achieved. SMO Social media optimisation can be a part of SEO and is one of the factors to helping people find you online.

What should i do to make a good business website?

  • Set Out A Clear Goal Before Your Start
  • Write Your Own Great Content or if not Hire Someone For Content Writing
  • State Your Purpose Clearly and Quickly
  • Explain To Your Customers Clearly What You Can Do for Them
  • Utilise Calls to Action Button Throughout Your Site
  • Develop Clear Menu’s And Ease Of Use Pages
  • Professional Website > Personal Accomplishment
  • Own Your Domain
  • Choose a Reliable Host
  • Consider Future Growth
  • Get a Designer You With Good Portfolio
  • Consider the Project’s Scale
  • Stay Away from Free Themes
  • Tell a Personal Story
  • Always Include a Contact Form
  • Keep Design Elements Simple
  • Make Text Simple To Understand
  • Add High Quality Images
  • Cheap Stock Photography Is A Big NO
  • Include Customer Testimonials
  • Add Videos To Your Site
  • Site Must Be Mobile Friendly Site
  • Research SEO
  • Continually Updated

How much can a website cost my business per month?

Costs depend on the digital marketing agency. SEO is one of the more higher priced costs for running a website, but is also one of the more essential costs for maximum growth. You can expect to pay an upfront cost (likely between £1,000 and £7500).

The monthly fee is dependent on the work undertaken and how aggressive the growth needed is.

Our SEO costs (£500 Initial set up fee) and for a campaign £799.50 to £2997.50 on average so that it is affordable to most business.  Larger corporate & tailored packages are available up on request.

Average cost to have a website built?

The cost of a website hugely varies between businesses and the scope of the project, depending on how much work you want to be done. Our Average cost from scratch is (£1,500 – £5,000+) All our websites are built on WordPress which is the number one website platform in the world

What is the process of creating a website for my small business?

  1. What will be the primary purpose of your website?
  2. Choose a suitable domain name.
  3. Choose a web hosting company with fast hosting. (We Suggest someone like Fasthosts, who we use ourselves) .
  4. Build your pages.
  5. Set up your payment system (If Required).
  6. Test every part of your website and check content and publish your website.
  7. Market your business website through search engines & Social Media.
  8. Regular maintenance of your site.

How do I choose a web design business?

  1. Know what your budget is before you start
  2. Request a price for scope of the project
  3. Ask about what you will receive and the payment and charges
  4. Look at their portfolio
  5. Ask about hosting and ownership of website ( No unexpected charges or surprises)
  6. Ask about time frames for completed work
  7. Ask about other additional customer support
  8. Ask who can apply future updates the website
  9. Does the work come with content or is that extra
  10. Set concrete, achievable criteria with deadlines

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of gaining higher business rankings for a website on Google’s organic search. When a user submits a Google search  request, Google  will recommend the nearest businesses based on the local area of the business.

This is powerful and usually untapped marketing strategy, which is a longer term solution. Therefore provides lasting results because unlike pay per click advertising, you don’t pay for the click to your website.

Through local search results and through a correctly optimised websites. A business can see up to 5 -20 additional calls per day from targeted customers searching for your product or service in Google from one or two keywords.

A correctly implemented strategic local SEO campaign can transform your businesses.

Giving you a business built on stronger foundations and knowing you will get (X Amount) of additional calls each and every month you can rest assured of continual growth. Local SEO marketing is often referred to as gardening. Basically you are planting your seeds at the beginning of the campaign and throughout time and feeding watching your garden grow and lasting for years to come

What makes your agency different than others?

Ebk Marketing stands apart from the others because of the competitive nature and approach we take during our campaigns. We look to achieve success for all our clients and provide you with the best return on investment you can achieve. To date, we have worked on numerous campaigns and a lot of our clients have already achieved top 3 rankings in the Google search results for their chosen keywords.
In fact, our agency is on the number #1 Google page for a list of keyword phrases including  “Cwmbran SEO & Digital Marketing” and ” Cwmbran Local SEO  and “Local SEO Services in Cwmbran”. This is simply because of the approach we take. You could say we practice what we preach

Will you lock us into a contract?

Our average marketing campaigns generally can range from 6 months to a 2 years period in length.
We use this time frame as marketing correctly is a carefully scheduled process.  Certain aspects can take a few months to show the expected results. This is due to outside sources            (Google Ranking & Indexing For SEO For Example)
If you’re not ready or unable to make a commitment with your company, we highly recommend that your revisit us in the future, when the time is right to enhance your companies growth. Our services work for businesses who have the mindset of achieving maximum growth and full commitment is needs from both companies to achieve these goals

How does your pricing work?

Unlike a lot of other digital marketing agencies, we can work with various budgets depending on the scope of the work.
We try to accommodate most reasonable budgets. Why?
Because we work based on hours delivered for our clients, the packages can be tailored to suit a clients needs.  We do have a set of “packaged” price options available for our services.
These have been carefully created to help you get the most out of your marketing budget.