Local SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of gaining higher business rankings for a website on Google’s organic search. When a user submits a Google search  request, Google  will recommend the nearest businesses based on the local area of the business.

This is powerful and usually untapped marketing strategy, which is a longer term solution. Therefore provides lasting results because unlike pay per click advertising, you don’t pay for the click to your website.

Through local search results and through a correctly optimised websites. A business can see up to 5 -20 additional calls per day from targeted customers searching for your product or service in Google from one or two keywords.

A correctly implemented strategic local SEO campaign can transform your businesses.

Giving you a business built on stronger foundations and knowing you will get (X Amount) of additional calls each and every month you can rest assured of continual growth. Local SEO marketing is often referred to as gardening. Basically you are planting your seeds at the beginning of the campaign and throughout time and feeding watching your garden grow and lasting for years to come