Page one Google rankings

How To Achieve Page One Google Rankings

Page one Google rankings are important for your business

If you want to know how to achieve page one google rankings, you will need to read the whole article or you’re not going to be able to rank on Google. 

Hey everyone I’m Nathan director of EBK Marketing. Today I’m gonna share with you three tactics, to implement so you can rank number one on Google today.

Why I got into SEO

I got started with SEO a few years back after I fiddled with some websites. As Kevin Costner said build it & they will come.

Well let me tell you now, Kevin is a liar, sorry Kev. For instance, I built it and they did not come. Not only that I rebuilt it and guess what they still did not come.

After that I started to look online and found some mystical art that no one told me about. I read an article and the first few lines were something like “Yes Harry you too can become a Wizard and learn something called SEO.” Well let me tell you now, it’s not as simple as I first thought, but I was determined to learn. In other words what i found is there are strategic ways to market and do SEO search.

It can be difficult but you know what I never gave up.

Page one Google rankings

Content is still king

You would of heard gurus tell you this and yes they are right. They don’t tell you that the content needs to be good. It must be engaging, it must pull in your users and give them the feeling of wanting more.

So for example, you want to create an article on coaching kids football.You could do five best tips on defending. If you write an article that is suppose to be informative, then go deep. Explain, how to achieve this. The methods to use, issues they may face and a solution.  Add pictures, really spend some time on creating it.

Bullet pointing and one line will simply not do. Do you have a video of the activities to go with it? Maybe some PDF downloads, really give the user something. Show them they can trust that you know what you are talking about. Have a comment section to your article. Ask questions, ask them to ask you questions.

Engage and answer them, yes you do have to be social. So answer each question. It will pay off. Always make sure to review your document. Update it re-release it, share it again.

There is already social proof on there and it will attract more people building you authority and trust.

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Optimise your website landing pages

Tip number two, to rank number one on Google. Optimise your title tag and your Meta description. Have you ever done a Google search and noticed that every time you do it there’s this link at the top and then there’s this one sentence with the link at the top is called a title tag and the description below is called a meta description now think of it this way:-

If you search for the phrase online marketing tips. When the search results come up you don’t see the word online, its not in the title, and not in the description.

Are you going to click it??? Well to put it simply no as it doesn’t appear to be what you are looking for.


In conclusion, in 2020 Keywords are still extremely important, when wanting to achieve page one Google rankings this is how Google places the results in front of a user.  Add them into the title and description so for example

  • Title – Online digital marketing tips.
  • Description- Check out our latest and greatest online digital marketing tips for 2019.

This tells Google & the user exactly what that page is about.

Look at your competitors especially the ones ranking higher.  What are their titles? what do they have in their descriptions, frequency of the keyword etc.  Use this to your advantage.  Don’t copy put your own spin on it.

Now surely I can go into deeper into this you say. In truth i can but that can be for a future blog.

Use the free marketing tools available to help reach a page one Google ranking

Google to be fair is the master of search engines that you need to impress to get high rankings

Most importantly use Google search console, Google analytics, Google keyword planner although there are other keyword tools available out there that are equally as good if not better than Google keyword planner.

There are a lot of other tools on offer paid and free, Moz, semrush and others are all super useful too

Above all review your sites, content and update continuously really put yourself deep into what you are doing and be persistent, don’t give up.

Implement these simple tips and you will see better search results, this is not a fast fix, it is for business who want to be here for the long journey.

Implement them and then after you have review and analyse the results, comment back engage and be social

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