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High Google Page Ranking is dependent on a few important factors in 2019
With all the changes that Google is making and their algorithm people keep complaining that it is getting harder and harder to achieve a high search engine ranking. They ask is it even possible to rank at the top anymore?

What does Google say:-

Google says: “ That one of the biggest influences on achieving a higher Google page ranking with be by creating compelling and useful and informative content on your website”.
If you use this in your strategy it is more likely influence your website more than any of the other factors.
Google has told us all how to rank highly in it’s search engine in 2019.  Great content and user experience is one of the most important factors if you are looking at ranking at the top.
If there is one bit of information you should take from what Google has told us is that you simply are not going to achieve a high Google page ranking be WITHOUT GREAT CONTENT.
By creating content you are also serving another Seo strategy and that is you will be creating more back links to your site.  Why?  People will be linking back to you and sharing your content. Now, let’s answer the question then.

Can you still achieve high Google page rankings?

The answer is Yes!!  It will take some work, great content and the right strategy.
If you have just created your business a brand-new website or even a current website that’s old and you are not getting any organic traffic to your site.
Alternatively, maybe it is just a trickle of visitors that are visiting your site.
Now though you are ready to turn on the tap, generate a lot of traffic from Google and rank organically.
The ways to achieve this is totally different to maybe what you have been doing or thinking.
A great example I have seen is Ahrefs who provide a search engine optimisation tool to their users.
They currently rank on page one of Google at the top for the competitive search term of back-link checker.
To improve their Google rank and get high page listings was a trial and error process.  For example they had a link building strategy to that specific page, there was internal links feeding the page.  They created content but still could not reach the top spot.

seo checker factors image improve your Google page rankingResearch to improve Google ranking

Once they did some research the reason became apparent as to why they could reach top spot.
Effectively everyone was looking for a FREE tool to provide backlinks immediately and the tool they was offering was a paid tool.
User were looking for some immediate results without paying.  They wanted a free tool.

Solution to Google page ranking

In fact, upon realising this, they made a FREE tool limited to 100 backlinks that provides information on a hundred backlinks.  Then they created the upgrade to the Full Paid tool.  After a few short weeks low and behold they reached the top.
Quite simply they looked at how to give the user what they wanted, creating good user experience and solved a problem.  On this occasion it was about links, content as much.  Above all it was about creating a solution to a problem and providing great user experience.
In 2019, Google tells you how to gain higher page rankings.   It explains how a newer website can compete with the larger companies, with high domain authority.  No longer is Seo about just building links.  It is about creating the right type of content.
You must put the user first. Provide the information that they want or no matter how much Seo you do, you will not rank high in Google if you do not provide a great user experience.

It is time to create a better user experience to receive a higher Google position in 2019

If you put the user first, with what you are creating.  You will see results. Maybe you sill don’t have other factors,
like your backlinks or your internal links isn’t quite where it needs to be, Don’t panic you can still rank high,
because the way Google looks at rankings these days is the user experience and time a user spends on your page.
Basically you can fail even if you do all the basics right. If you don’t take User experience into account in 2019 and people leave your site after a few seconds.  Google will see this as bad user experience and will stop ranking you

A few additional tips for a better Google position.

  • Play by Googles Rules – Use their tools like Google Webmaster, Google Console, Google Keyword etc
  • Niche it down – Don’t be a small fish in big pond be a big fish in small pond (It’s all about competition)
  • Keywords – Get your keywords right – Low competition long tail keywords we suggest.
  • Content – Yes here it is again but it is important – Useful content for your users
  • On Page Seo – You still need to optimise your content for better results
  • Off Page Seo – Building links, share content grow your authority
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