LinkedIn Strangers who have inspired me this past year

LinkedIn Strangers who have inspired me this past year.

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Look all around there is inspiration everywhere

We all feel uninspired at times, and to be honest it is easily done, especially with what life throws at us all. I’m sure most of you at some point or another has felt alone!! More people than ever before has been affected mentally or lacking motivation and inspiration in 2020 than ever before due to Covid-19 and the effects on the economy, the business landscape and even simple things like going shopping and life in general.

The good news is that it’s a natural to feel like this sometimes, and other times it is part of the creative process where inspiration is needed and is something everyone struggles with. The next time you’re stuck feeling down or in a creative dead zone look around you. I am constantly inspired by people and the amazing things they do, sometimes it is something major other times it could be they brought some simple laughter to my day. 

Now before anyone thinks here we go another guy bigging up his friends it is NOT!!  I actually don’t know any of them apart from a few comments on posts over last year and seeing their journeys over the last year from a distance on LinkedIn. One of them I literally never knew who they were until before Christmas. 

Brief introduction about me.

So I am Nathan. I am a 40-year-old guy who runs a small marketing company called EBK Marketing Ltd which I started up two years ago.  Don’t worry this isn’t going to be about me but a brief background of who I am and how I got here is important I think. Now writing this part can go one of two ways, I may lose many connections or I may not. This is not for me to decide and each person on my connections will decide for themselves and I will respect that decision regardless.

So I was born in 1980, and to be honest, I look back and think I’m glad I was, what a great time to of grown-up. I was brought up by my mother and have one sister who lived with me when I was young.  No, it wasn’t a broken family and this ain’t no sob story, I was loved my mother and grandparents gave me all I ever needed and I am glad I had the upbringing I did. When I was eleven my father figure ( My grandad) died, or in reality the next few years would not have followed, by 15 my mother couldn’t handle me and I left the house many times between then and sixteen before having to go it alone but I also worked for most of my life.  

Those few years and the next few continued to spiral out of control and included sleeping in my infant school at night, as I had nowhere to go, and getting up to all sorts of stuff I shouldn’t of including having numerous incidents where I was lucky not to of got sent to prison.  But here I am at 40 years old with no criminal record, some have said you must have been clever… No, I was lucky and seriously ended up suffering in the long term, trying mentally to come to terms with some of the things I did, and to some people who passed I will never be able to say sorry!! If I met me, from then, he would definitely have a pasting LOL.

At 23 I moved back home with my mother, but I still partied with friends very hard even while working for the next 7 years. By 30 I spent half my life taking drugs and drinking to stupid proportions weekly, even though the rest of my life was in check. At 28 I met a girl who had an 18-month-year-old boy who I took on as my own and even though we split 8 years, I see him multiple times every week and this little soul saved me. 

To him I am his Superman, but to me, he saved my life and I strive every day to be the best role model I can be, and it drives me to be a better person. Would I change anything over the years? in time gone by it was a yes, but older wiser and uglier, I realise that it was a journey I needed to travel to become who I am today. I am a good person at heart who was stupid and did bad things at points in my life, yes it was partly due to the people I hung around with, but really it was because I didn’t have the inner strength to say NO.  I now spend each day trying to be better and trying to help others and improve peoples lives where I can, whether that helping in the workplace or in general life at home.

I am driven to succeed, and do what I can to help others less fortunate, its crazy how life changes, I spent most of my life being selfish and all me, me, me and now I just want to help others and will hopefully inspire others one day like these few people that I mention do for me today. 

My clients themselves are special each and every one of them, and their businesses I truly care about. I work with some amazing freelancers and work colleagues who help me to help these people build their dreams. 

Today, though is about inspirational people on LinkedIn, who I think you should follow and deserve a shout out. So, I want to recommend these amazing people and their businesses not my own. I will do a brief quick overview of how they inspired me in some way or another indirectly. But no matter my words, it wont do them justice so I will keep it brief, all’s I can say is follow them and hopefully, you will appreciate the qualities they have and be inspired too by them. 

Some of these are in the same industry others are not, I may lose business at some point to some of them by bringing more attention to them, but they truly do deserve a mention. Again I do not know these personally, and I do not know their stories so I apologise if I get anything wrong. I just want to bring some attention to them and in my own crazy little way say a big THANK YOU!!

Luke Manton

Luke is someone I only come in to contact with on LinkedIn just before Christmas and he made an immediate impression in the first video I saw. He has a condition called adults onset Tourette syndrome which is something I use to find funny and I always said I wanted a mate like this so I could take them everywhere. Yes, I was an arsehole. Today though I see Luke’s videos and posts and see how he battles every day with something that is not his fault and i truly find it brave and super inspiring.

My issues were caused by me, Luke’s are out of his control and the guy is a legend.

I don’t know much about Luke’s back story and to be honest it is none of my business, but from what I have seen with my own two eyes and have read and seen from others, he is highly regarded and a shit hot blogger, Luke is now a VA and comes highly recommended by all that I see. He recently gave up blogging due to the constant online trolls, and in his own words he needed a break as a result. Now to me this makes me furious and I honestly find it sickening that people have treated him this way. I personally have nothing but respect for Luke, and have found his video’s brave, insightful and truly am lucky to have him pop up in my feed producing content and not letting the trolls win.

If you want to learn something and have some amazing insightful and interesting content on your feed go give Luke a follow, he is one of the bravest people I have seen on here for a long time and in my eyes a true legend and deserves everyone’s respect and support – you wont regret it.

Click here to visit Luke’s LinkedIn Profile

Nik McEwan

Well what can I say about Nik, the guy has my respect. I come across Nik’s profile when he commented on a mutual connections post probably about a year ago. I can’t remember the exact comment, but I can remember thinking wow that’s brutal, true and laughing and carried on with my day.

A few days later here comes Nik again with another brutally, funny comment on another post and I thought I needed to add him he is a right Jack the Lad and will brighten up my feed.  Well as time has gone past I must say I’ve seen a great guy and someone who says it how it is. 

He has done some amazing things for charity, including walking for days and I when I mean walking for days it was around 150 miles if i remember correctly, and he literally walked for days no exaggeration. He was joined on the last leg by the next in my list but I will get to her in a minute.  Seeing Nik’s posts and seeing he suffered too from depression kind of made me relate to him in my own way.  Then on Christmas, this guy who you can only say, has a massive heart posted along the lines of ” if anyone is alone at Christmas he will be doing a video group on Christmas day so they don’t have to be”. Now for anyone who has suffered from depression Christmas is a difficult time, but here is a man willing to give up his day with his family to help someone else not be alone.  That alone deserves huge respect and this is just two of many amazing things he has done since we connected on LinkedIn. 

I recently saw Nik has taken the plunge into owning his own business, after working hard for others for some many years, so I want to support Nik with his new venture by bringing attention to him and giving him a thank you for some of the great messages and offers of support I have received off him in the past without him even knowing me. Much respect. 

Click here to visit Nik’s LinkedIn Profile 

Lea Turner

This cool and intelligent lady popped up on my feed probably about the same time as Nik, and the first thing I noticed was the tattoo’s and me personally I don’t mind them and believe everyone has the right to express themselves whether that be body art, piercings, showcasing their talents in music, art you get the picture.

It is plain to see Lea is an amazing mum and loves being a mum, well most of the time, I did see a post where she was asking customer services did they want a kid LOL.

When I first connected she seemed to be keeping her head above water but had some difficulties – don’t quote me as I have said I don’t know any of these inspirational people personally. 

But I got to be honest about what the difference a year makes. Lea has transformed herself into a powerhouse on LinkedIn and watching the journey she has taken is inspiring and she thoroughly deserves what she is achieving. Lea is the same person now that I saw a year ago and hasn’t changed even though she has become more successful, this is called being humble too.

Not only this, but Lea has done her bit for charity and joined the above Nik on the last leg of his tour when he did the charity walk.  It was amazing that you joined Nik, although I’m sure he regretted it listening to your moan about your feet baring in mind Nik was on day number five of walk lol. 

I’ve seen Lea has been attacked at times for the way she looks, and I just have to say these people are idiots. Lea is a beautiful soul inside and out and deserves much respect for what she is becoming and should inspire single parents and each of us, with what she has done so far and I wish her the best for her new business venture and look forward to seeing the rest of her journey. 

Click here to visit Lea’s LinkedIn Profile 

Jemma Lea Bevan

Watch out as here comes Jemma, the first time I saw Jemma was on a video that popped up in my feed, in she comes bouncing around rocking her head like a crazy woman, big bright eyes and a huge smile and she literally nearly made me pee my pants. It was like here another crazy one and moved on laughing at the same time.  Over the next few months, I saw Jemma commenting on a lot of mutual connections post so I added her. 

Well, I must say, she definitely brightens my feed up and not just because she came across as crazy on the first one, but because she is very intelligent and has an amazing way of looking at things, her approach and tips are not always conventional and this is an amazing quality, being able to think outside the box. We have commented on posts and have differing opinions sometimes, but I must say her reasoning and the intelligence that goes behind her decisions and opinions is extremely insightful and she is another one who will say it how it is. 

If you are ever feeling down in the morning you really need Jemma on your feed, around 8:50 am here comes Jemma with either a post that will make you cry with laughter or a really insightful and thought-provoking post, that will show you to look at problems from another angles I must say that you are doing some amazing charity work recently too by the way

She always looks happy, and you can see she is another lady who is a great mum, and her kids will be proud of her achievements as they grow older.  

So a big shout out to you Jem, keep it going you make me look at problems in new ways and have helped me solve a few with your posts and definitely make me smile and laugh uncontrollably at times. 

Click here to visit Jemma’s LinkedIn Profile

Susan Taylor

I met Susan in a mutual LinkedIn group that I was added to, and have closely followed her group messages and posts for a while.  A few months back everyone was doing their mental illness things like its a fad, now I’m not knocking anyone but it doesn’t just affect people for a week or a day, in all reality it is a serious and a huge daily battle for many people. Anyone who has suffered in the past knows this.

Now, with past suffering comes wisdom and you can see straight threw the frauds a mile away. Sue gets it and I am lucky to have her as a connection, You will see her posts get shared by me often, why because Sue asks the right questions and conveys compassion and deep understanding in her answers that you can’t fake. 

Sue’s profile states:

“I help professional MEN gain confidence and measure up to the people they love by eliminating guilt, shame, and embarrassment caused by anxiety”

As men, we don’t like to talk about problems and by the time you have an issue, sometimes it can be too late. The work Sue is doing and its insightfulness is powerful on my down days. I can honestly say that it has picked me up in the past and I truly appreciate that.  

Click here to visit Susan’s LinkedIn profile 


I would like to apologise for any mistakes in the writing and I am killing myself by doing it in one draft, I wanted this to be raw and unfiltered and exactly how I was thinking when I wrote this.  I see people spending way too much energy to drag others down when really we should be building them up and recognising the good they have done or is doing.

This post is not about me, these five have helped me through my some dark days in the background and each one has some amazing qualities that will bless your feed if you add them. So a big shout out to you all and a massive thank you. I don’t care if you share this post as i told you it is not about me, but what I do ask is you follow each of these and share their profiles to your networks.

It’s a massive pleasure to be part of your networks and I look forward to your future posts.

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