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Local SEO – Increase Growth For Your South Wales Business

Local search (SEO) is an essential and a powerful tool for small businesses in South Wales and all over the world.

Did you know that four out of five consumers will use search results to find local information about a product or service that they are looking for?  This means if your business hasn’t been optimised for Local SEO search results, then the chances are you could be missing out on huge amounts of traffic, when optimised properly you could see an increase of up to 80% in relation to potential customers. 

To help you improve your traffic numbers, we have created a guide to help you create and optimise your business for local search results. When you have finished reading this guide, you should have a clear understanding on how best to optimise your business. You will know how to attract potential targeted consumers who are using local search to find which products or services they’re going to purchase

Local SEO / Local search infographic

Local SEO Tip - Optimise or create your Google My Business Account

Optimising your Google My Business for local search is extremely important. Google likes to be able to verify information and will only really share information that it has confidence in and verified. In the land of search engines Google is king. 

Using the Google my business tool will enable you to meet the specific requirements of Google and generally this will be the exact same information you will use on all directory forms

Internal Link Building Is Important For Local SEO

Did you know that improving your internal link building can improve you SEO?

I’m sure you are all aware of link building for Local SEO purposes and it is highly important to have authoritative links pointing back to your website, but building a strong internal link system can dramatically improve your Local SEO rankings.

The basic reasoning around improving your local seo and internal link building is that it improves the strength of a website. Inner linking helps navigation and can provide a clear route for spiders to crawl. Internal linking helps with the ranking power of pages and most importantly if a user has enjoyed your content they will more than likely be interested in reading more on that topic.

Mobile Friendly Website

So lets look at this logically, most people use Local Search on their mobile devices.  In fact a report states that 9 out of 10 people will use your site in a mobile setting. With the world running at a fast pace, we all use our mobile as our main for of information finding, it could be to search for a product or service, a lot of the time it will be to check reviews, maybe it is used to find directions to your location, or they maybe be searching for contact information to ask you a question.

So a good practice is when creating your website to make it easy for your potential customers by making your site mobile-friendly and creating each page for mobile first.

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Optimise headings, meta tags, meta-description & content.

When it comes to producing your content, you should have a plan and know how to structure every new blog post for maximum results.  Each post that your create is a new indexed page and magnet for your website. You can produce geographic posts targeted to find you new opportunities in specific areas when looking to expand so you need your content optimised to show in these specific search engine results pages.

Each time you write a piece of content, you need to take the time to optimise the content for search engines. Start by using high-volume, low competition keywords to attract customers use your keywords in the URL, title, header, meta description, and body of the content. Don’t keyword stuff your content. Ideas for geo-targeted content, that you can use can be case studies and success stories for example.

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Write content for the local area

Google is continually evolving it’s algorithm to get smarter.  They regularly update how search results are produced and they are looking for content creators to truly write for end users and not search engines. Yes you can spend time writing about general topics if you are looking at attracting a wider audience.

But sometimes it’s more important to write and focus your articles for the local area so you can attract a local audience.

Think about building yourself as the local authority for your industry. You can loo at  promoting local gatherings, providing the latest industry news, guides and other educational content on your blog, if you are selling a product think about doing a review on them, you can use a simple video to showcase the product made on your mobile phone, it doesn’t need to be fancy, especially at the beginning stages of your business.

As with all sales funnel the content at the beginning is more of a broader range and gets more streamlined as the user travels further down the funnel.

NAP/Citations/Directories - Contact Information

When people are looking online for a product service or information that you provide you need to make it easy for people to find you. This is simple all’s you need to do is, set up your NAP.(Business name, full address including postcode, and full telephone number). 

There are a few common mistakes when filling in the NAP, including not keeping all info the same using abbreviation’s or placing the information contained within an image. Spiders do not crawl images like HTML text, but you can add info into ALT Tags sometimes to aid with this issue. The most common location to place your NAP information is in the bottom of your page in the footer or header of your  website.

If Google is unable to determine if the information about your business is correct, chances are it will not show your business in search results.  As we stated earlier Google and other search engines like to be able to verify the information. Most importantly, remove any duplicate listings you find and correct any mistakes as soon as you notice any. A simple way to make sure all information is the same is to have a master word doc and do a simple copy and paste

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