Marketing for your accountancy

Marketing For Your Accountancy – Powerful 2021 Guide Download

Powerful Marketing Guide For Your Accountancy in 2021

Mighty Marketing For Your Accountancy

Use this explosive guide to gain new clients through marketing for your accountancy or book keeping business

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How to use marketing to help you to attract new clients

Marketing for your accountancy is a great way to attract new clients. Accounting has always been classed as a good and stable profession choice for a career and business. In days gone past it was very simple a business hired an accountant, that partnership tended to last for the length of the business. Changing to a different account was generally considered to be rather a  complex matter as well as being rather expensive.

Although you still have some of that today and probably have many of your clients, that may have been with you for years. But, lets face it, times are changing and it’s getting easier for businesses to shop around for better deals. New technology has hit the marketing and is continually evolving and getting cleverer, which effectively means that moving to a new accountancy is no longer as difficult as task as it once was.

What this does mean is the market has opened up giving customers a larger choice of options. In fact if you think about it, you are being presented an amazing and great opportunity if you are proactive firms to win new clients.

But and yes there is always a but, to succeed doing this and winning new clients you need to know about marketing for you accountancy. This guide was created to help you get started in 2021 and release the full potential of your accountancy business.

When marketing for your accountancy know your clients market

Sounds simple yes? Well you would be surprised at how many don’t really know this. Marketing for your accountancy starts with fully understanding your target market. Think about it, you can’t market your services to potential clients unless you fully understand what they need and their pain points.

No, I am not saying go out there and become an expert in their relevant field of expertise. You don’t have to become a mechanic to understand the accounting needs of an a mechanic. But the more you understanding that you have in relation to the issues that challenge them, the more successful your marketing will be.

So learn about your target industries market and the various different companies that operate within it. This will give you the edge, it shows an understanding rather than other companies which assume every business is the same.

Create a strategic marketing plan for your accountancy.

The purpose of the plan when marketing for your accountancy is to keep you honest and accountable to yourself while marketing for you accountancy, and a way to help keep you focused, while tying in with  your overall business plan. That’s because successful marketing plan and strategy will definitely help you achieve your business goals. The marketing plan should include:

  • Your USP (unique selling point)
    This is what will set you apart from other accountancies. The unique reason why a should prospective client should hire you instead of your of one of your competitors?
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis
    All business should undergo a SWOT analysis, it is good to know what you’re good at, and it also shows you how much scope you have for improvement. As with any business you must be aware of the various business risks and opportunities.
  • Who is your ideal business targets
    Who is your ideal prospected target? Create a list of the most suitable and idea client, one’s you would like to work with. Start with the local area, slowly moving outward in the logistical area.
  • Which are the services you would like to market
    Everyone is in business to make money, so what you need to know is what is your companies most profitable services. How do they service the customer best while making you money? These ones you must make interesting and into an irresistible offer your prospects simply cant leave on the table. Also consider which are the easiest to sell?
  • Set realistic goals and time frames but be fluid as the strategy unfolds
    So the obvious one first is what are you aiming to achieve? How long is it going to take, for you to reach your targets? How will you track, measure and analyse the progress you are making?
  • Marketing for your accountancy strategy and roadmap
    Now comes the strategy create a schedule of the actions you will undertake in order to achieve your set of goals

"You will never succeed at marketing for your accountancy, until you understand what your clients needs"

Its a great idea to niche down on your offers

Marketing your services in specialist areas can be an effective way to gain a ton of business. Think about it, for example mechanics all talk to each other, if someone need an accountant for their garage, you will be the one that is mentioned. Soon you become mechanics choice for book keeping and accountancy work and tax. This field could become your specialist area and industry that you service.

You soon gain huge amounts of experience dealing with this industry, which means you become increasingly efficient at dealing with these accounts benefit your clients and saving you time. 

Six of the best marketing tools to use

Marketing for your accountancy like any business isn’t just one single activity. It’s a strategy and road plan that must be integrated right across your business. Use these five different marketing channels to improve and grow your business:

  • Client referrals
    Word of mouth is by far one of the most effective marketing methods you have available in your marketing arsenal. Personal recommendations are worth their weight in gold and definitely are an amazing way to attract new clients. Many companies will run a referral program to their professional associates for recommendations. You can pay them a cash reward or even give them some free or money off monthly bill for each referral time. It is an incentive to them to refer your services to their friends, family and business colleagues.
  • Your website
    Thousands of business do not use their website to its full potential. Your website is a 24hr a day salesman that needs no time off, no sickness and no holidays. Bearing this in mind you should look to update your website regularly with interesting and relevant content. There is so much changing in the business landscape especially after 2020, that people are consuming content at a higher rate than ever before. Empower people with knowledge and make sure it looks good and that the contact details are accurate.
  • Social media
    Accountants have a specific set of skills and are not necessarily experts at promoting their business through social media. You must if you are serious about growing your business  make the effort. You can be guaranteed that your clients are probably using social media in some form or another – and realistically you need to be where they are and keep your fingers on the pulse. If you or one of your staff inside doesn’t come forward for this work, hire an expert consultant or an agency who will be able to help you.
  • Email newsletters
    Monthly Email newsletters are still very effective way to gain new business, especially when they are filled with useful and informative content. They must be well created, good design easy to view and navigate and properly targeted to your audience. You can write about a multitude of topics including tax deadlines, how Brexit will affect business in Europe, Coronavirus relief advice, budget effects, new tax laws and anything else you think your clients will be interested in.
  • Radio, print and TV
    It’s still an effective method of marketing but many people forget as are so fixated on online marketing, that it slips through the net, but other methods are effective too. Especially if you are looking at gaining business in the local area, think about using local radio, magazine publications, marketing boards and if you want a more national reach then try TV.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is known is the strategy of improving your rankings on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  The truth is you need to be in the top three positions on page one, to be getting a decent amount of monthly organic traffic. The industry joke goes ” if you want to hide a dead body, hide it on page two” but the reality is, if you are on page two you wont be getting any traffic and that dead body is your effectively your website. 

Helping the community is a great way to build your profile

When in business, yes you want to be successful, and one of the best ways to attract attention is to help your local community. By trying to  improve the lives of people in that community it will raise your profile, you shouldn’t do this for monetary value, that is not what we are saying, but supporting a local charity, helping the vulnerable and elderly, supporting covid-19 projects will hugely get your name and brand out there for the right reasons and don’t forget it is good to give back. 

Social Media Marketing help

To help get you started on your marketing efforts try using a Social Media Editorial Calendar. These are great aids such as spreadsheets or apps which can be used to schedule social posts in advance. We for example use Hootsuite and we can schedule a whole months worth of post to go out at set dates and times on autopilot. They’re also used to plan what content will be shared, When it will be shared, the platform it is shared on and it will help you to manage campaigns, and track deadlines. 
As a free gift just for making it to the bottom of the article we have decided to give you a Social Media Marketing pack full of templates, strategies and useful information to help you provide a roadmap to success for your business, just click here to Download

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