What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising, simply is a model for online advertising This method involves in advertisers paying a set amount each time a visitor to a website clicks on one of their adverts.

There is a few various types of pay per click ad campaigns these days depending on what you want but one of the most utilised campaign is paid search ads.

These will be the ads you see when you are search for a product, service or information online using Google, Bing, Yahoo. These types of adverts will appear more, when you are looking at buying something.

Mobile searches are very common these days, with various search terms including  “Local Chinese, Gym near me, plumber in local area etc.

Companies will utilize these ads more at time of celebration, like Mothers day, Valentines day, Christmas to attract more people to items that maybe very seasonal or they need a boost in sales.

With pay-per-click advertising, your business will run an advert for a set period and will only be charged when a visitor actually clicks on your  advert, which is why the name of campaign is “pay-per-click.”

There are other forms of similar type of advertising which includes display advertising and re-marketing type campaigns.

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How pay-per-click advertising works

The Pay-per-click rubix cube theory

For your advert to appear next to correct the results on Google, Bing or other search engine result, or as they are more commonly known to as a SERP for short or in full a search engine results page.

Your business which you are advertising cannot out pay other business to guarantee that your ads appear all the time or more than your competitor’s advert.

Instead the process is subject to an advert auction and this process is an entirely automated process. It is the most popular and highly used method among search providers such as Google and other major search engines.

This is their preferred method of use to determine the relevance of your ad and how relative of an ad it is so that it will appear on the search page results

So you have decided that you are ready, you have set up  an advertiser account with one of the ad platform a few examples, Google Ad-words, or Bing Ads.

You have researched and identified your relevant keywords, that you are going to use.

These are the words to trigger your ads. First you must set your bid price in the ads section, this will determine how often, how highly ranked they are and so on.

For example you are in the industry for supplying plumbing and the bid amount for the number one position on the the relevant front page of the results is going to be £5.77.

If you place a bid of £5 then simply, you will not get the top and most prominent spot at the top of Google etc.

If you bid over that amount so for example £6 you will get the top spot until you are outbid again.

You can track how an ad is performing and see the metrics, so armed with this information you can see, average position of ad, conversions, cost per click to you and adjust ad accordingly.

Keywords and pay-per-click

As we have explained, the ad auction is a bidding system, so as with all bidding systems, you must bid on something.

In this instance what you are bidding on is keywords.

You as an advertiser must decide what keyword terms you want to bid on, so that they will trigger a response from the search engines to display, your particular advert.

They are your keywords and are highly important, when choosing the specific terms to use on your campaign.

So, as an example, your business specializes in platinum jewelry. A user wants to purchase a new set for his wife, then a term he may enter is “ladies platinum jewelry” into a search engine to find retailers offering these items.

When the user submits their enquiry and hits the send button, the search engine algorithm will its pre-set calculation and work which ads are displayed, the specific order, amount of times to be shown and by which particular advertiser to show to the user in the ads section.

As you have to pay for each click on your ads, hence the name pay per click, it is very important to only bid on keywords that are relevant to your business, and therefore what a customer/user is looking for , this enables you to get the greatest roi from your marketing advert spend budget.

 There are various Free & paid tools available so that you can track & find the right keywords, for you to bid.  A lot of programs show you the CPC (cost per click), difficulty in ranking, so how competitive and generally a rough figure of the cost per click.

So be careful that the word in highly relevant and is likely to drive sales or conversions.

You must do some simple calculations, on how much a lead is worth to you and how much you are converting at to find the sweet spot.

Managed pay-per-click

If you have a good understanding of the basics of pay-per-click advertising, then it does seem to be pretty simple, choose keyword, bid on keyword sales, unfortunately managing pay per click advert account are no way as easy as first perceived.

There is a lot of time and effort required to successfully run an ad account, especially with keeping one eye on new developments to the various pay per click updates, algorithms especially with Facebook pay per click accounts.

There are so many businesses that miss out on successful campaigns and amazing new opportunities to grow their business and get the full potential out of  pay per click advertising.

Ebk Marketing are here to help you achieve maximum results from ad campaigns finding ways to utilise other keywords that you may not have considered, using new and updated methods to bring you the best roi for your business.

Our team of marketers, are  well trusted by businesses all over the world.  They are able through hard work, research and practice in advertising management allow’s them to make the best decisions needed when supplying you the information to take your business forward and this leaves you time focus on what really matters

Growing your business and helping your customers is a job in itself and you need all the help you can get, when trying to accomplish this task.

The choices we make on your behalf are based on data and not just any data, its data about keywords, how your business converts, what your perfect users likes, where they hang out online engagement and using the actionable data that you have combined with what research we do so we can can optimise your ad campaigns.

This in turn giving you maximum conversions and an increased return on investment, and grow your business.

With insight know how and management we can help you achieve this.

Businesses perform best when their marketing is creative, fun & converting.

Let us show you how to achieve, maximum results on your marketing

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Google Adwords


Want a great way to boost your return on investment for your marketing campaigns, you need to include the Google Display Network and Google shopping to your Google Ad-words search campaigns, by using this simple tip you will be able to increase the returns you see from you Ad-word marketing campaigns.


If you are looking for a great way to improve your online presence and visibility, then a Google Ad-words campaign can be a great  way for your businesses to increase its online profile. We will tailor your marketing campaigns to attract the users and customer who are most likely to be interested in your services & product.  Even if a user doesn’t purchase on the first visit to your site, it is still a crucial and important way to reach out to new and potential customers as in the future they may be looking for your service or product.


If the outcome and goal of your marketing campaign and the purpose is to achieve sales, we will maximise the campaign to produce more profitability.  The  Ad-words campaigns maybe to sell your products and as we have acquired the techniques and skills and will use the data-driven results we collect, we will use these highly informative results to tweak the campaigns and sometime the approach to maximise your return on investment across all Ad-words channels.


Google’s Ad-words is a fantastic marketing tool and is very useful when you are looking at laser targeting a certain audience.  With Ad-words you are able to target users who have a high intent on purchasing an item .
There are a great number of tools to help you to target certain users such as location & device targeting, previous customers with a re-marketing list, and used with correct targeted keyword optimisation, we can help you to achieve your marketing advert goals by enabling you to reach the correct people at the time they are searching.

Pay-per-click advertising social media platforms


Facebook offers another way as well as social media to use their targeted advertising, on the whole it is a great way to target groups or users and has a wide variety of filters to help you achieve this is you know what you are looking for. Although they are still  relatively cheap when compared to some other channels, they are getting more expensive and don’t always yield the expected results, we say to use Facebook Advertising in conjunction with another form of marketing to maximise your return on investment and not used solely on its own .


Linkedin is a very under estimated tool for marketing for a business, we always wonder why when it is the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is simply one of the best platforms for businesses to engage in B2B product sales and services. Over the last year or two they have really stepped up and is quickly catching the other social media platforms.  If you are looking at selling to business, then we would recommend giving Linkedin marketing a serious look at.


One of the oldest social media platforms, which is still in use today is Twitter. It is still utilised by thousands of business and is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, although due to the nature of the platform and the speed that it works at, it can be a more difficult channel to stand out on, especially with the ever changing news feed statuses that can be seen and disappear in a few seconds sometime.

There are other social media platforms, like Pinterest, YouTube, etc that also have methods of pay-per-click and we can advise you on these if needed

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