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Case Study - How Optimising for Local Search Created a New Revenue Stream for a Landscaping Business.

The client is a leading and multi-awarded residential landscape architecture business with numerous landscaping  projects around town and even the greater area. They offer a full range of landscaping services, including design,  construction, and maintenance, and take on projects of all sizes.


Although the client already had a website for several years prior to working with our agency, it wasn’t creating the  impact on their business they knew it could. Traffic was appallingly low, generating an average of 60 visits a month,  and rarely generating any actual sales.

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The client knew that their website was the cornerstone of their online presence. Without a well-performing website,  any subsequent digital marketing effort would be ineffective. The client approached us determined to capture a  larger share of their local market and we were determined to help them do just that.

Optimising For Local Search

Website Audit

The first step was to thoroughly audit their website. We integrated Google Analytics and Search Console with the  client’s website – must-have tools if you want to track how your website performs.

We then assessed every aspect of their website (various on-page elements, the site architecture, website  performance, and many others) and how it was performing.

We immediately noticed the website had several optimised URL’s, lacked certain navigational elements, like footer  links, and had numerous pages with optimised meta descriptions and web copy.

Keyword Research And Mapping

We also began to identify the keywords that would be most beneficial to the client, specifically those that indicate a  readiness-to-buy and any low-hanging fruit that we can immediately target. These keywords were grouped, then  existing pages on the website were identified to build content around the keywords.

Our analysts then recommended the creation of new pages that target these keywords and we optimised the existing ones.

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Month 4

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Before the campaign, their website was averaged 60 visits each month. By the end of month 1, their website had  1,601 website visits, 26x their previous monthly average

Month 6

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Month 11

By month 11, traffic hit an all-time high of 2,848 visits to the website for the month, 46x their previous monthly  average.


Following an extensive website audit, rigorous keyword research, and an aggressive content strategy, we  implemented methodology built to rank their website on the first page of the local search results for 3x more  keywords than before the campaign.

This led to an increase in traffic by 26x the previous monthly average in only the first month of the campaign. By  month 11, traffic had increased to 46x the previous monthly average.

This sharp increase in traffic generated more leads than the client could cater to. This led them to create a separate  department that focused on an entirely new revenue stream: Commercial Landscaping Service.

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