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About The Client In This Case Study

The client is a top provider of outdoor adventure tours, ranging from whitewater rafting to mountain expeditions in  their region. They offer a variety of packages to provide the ultimate outdoor experience for customers.


The website was getting traffic but not at the consistently high levels needed to sustain their business goals.  Furthermore, though they were ranking for some of their target keywords, their main competitors were ranking  higher.

  • Improve traffic and maintain
  • Rank in the top 3 positions for their targeted keywords
  • Drive more visitors to relevant pages 



Upon analysing our client’s existing properties, we found the following problems:-

  • Target keywords were directing the traffic to the homepage instead of relevant landing pages.
  • Competitors have individual pages with good content ranking for the same set of keywords, while the client only has the homepage to rank the keywords.
  • There was only one existing page that targets the keyword, but not enough links to establish contextual  relevance—pages were linking to the homepage only

The Strategy

The website structure lacks organisation, which hinders the site from ranking for the target keywords.  This is how the initial site structure looks like:

Picture 1 Client case study

The landing page targeting the keywords for whitewater rafting was too far down the site hierarchy, which explains  why it was not getting traffic.

We proposed a new website structure to make the pages more organized and distribute equity from the homepage  to the relevant landing pages. This provides a more logical and contextual connection among the pages.

Here is the new website structure:

picture 2 client case study

Internal Linking

The inner pages relevant to the target keywords were losing traffic, as most of the keyword equity directs to the homepage. The new website structure establishes the connection among the landing pages to ensure the homepage does not cannibalise all the rankings for the target keywords.

The target keyword was used in both the homepage and the relevant landing page — long-tail variations on the  homepage, and exact match keywords on the landing page

Website Content Creation and Improvement

The content on the homepage was improved to highlight the unique selling point of our client. Some of the existing  content about whitewater rafting was transferred from the homepage to relevant landing pages to avoid losing  rankings. Some parts of the content were re-written to avoid keyword stuffing.

New pages were also created to provide contextual support to the landing page with the target keyword


client case study pic 3

From 2,500 monthly visitors to 8,000 monthly visitors, amounting to a growth of 300%.

Over 800 keywords in the top 5 positions.

50 keywords are ranking on positions 1 to 3, including the target keyword.

Conclusion Of Case Study

Through website restructuring, content creation, inner linking, the client was able to rank for their target keywords  and claim the top positions on search results.

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