Higher Google rankings equals more quality organic traffic to your business

SEO or web search engine optimisation is several techniques and practices that combine and are used to promote a business websites rankings.

A user will enter information into a search engine such as  a question and upon hitting enter they will be greeted with a list of related possible outcomes and answers to the question  that has been asked.

The exact rule and manner of how these outcomes are ranked and displayed are influenced by properly executed  search engine optimisation practices,  SEO writing, in contrast is the art of publishing, persuasive  and specific knowledge in order to influence and direct particular keywords used in search engine queries.

The search engine itself wants to give exact and         relate-able content to the user for the query that has been entered.

This information that is received by the user from a search engines point of view must be worthy of the user spending time on the page.

The longer a user spends on a website page the stronger  the signal Google gets from it and will rank the page higher in the search rankings.

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile First (UX) User Experience
  • Technical Factors (SEO)

Seo Optimisation

Link Building

Link building is the technical term for getting other websites to link back to your website. ... Building back links is a great way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) back links signal to Google that you are a popular site, which provides a quality resource worthy of a citation

Monthly SEO Task

SEO requires a specific set of skills and discipline. It requires a continuous strategy over time to be successful. While audits can provide you with answers and one-time optimizations will provide you with some impact on your organic position, You need ongoing commitment. We monitor your position, and react.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the art & strategy of optimizing individual web pages. When achieved will enable you to rank higher, enabling you to receive quality,relevant traffic in search engines for your web page. On-page Seo is both content and HTML source code. Off-page SEO is links & other external signals

Why Seo Optimization

Seo is an evolving strategy and  requires a professional with real industry experience,  get the right expert in search marketing and they will be able to  deliver you results and not just once, repeatable and scale-able results month on month.

Once you have your seo optimisation place and correctly set up, a seo optimisation campaign will give you the best roi, with so many channels available in today’s multi-channelled marketing landscape, big & small businesses are now turning to seo marketing agencies for the highly sought after skill.


Local seo for example helps you to dominate the local area, so if you wanted seo services in London, you would use the term when searching in Google ‘seo services in London‘ and you would show up on the first page.

If you was a plumber in Cardiff, when the term Cardiff Plumber came up, how much more business do you think you would get appearing on the first few results on Google, a couple of hundred if not few thousands extra leads and potential jobs per month.

Why choose our Seo team

With a dedicated team of experienced digital Seo marketing experts working for you, the next evolution stage of your business is only a few steps away.

With Ebk Marketing by your side, you can have peace of mind that our team has the knowledge, skills, drive and professionalism to help your business grow and for you to achieve your aspirations and dreams online. We know we can help you as we already help businesses like yours grow everyday.

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Local seo search

The local seo service packages are aimed at businesses with a physical location or that you want to attract customers from a specific area, or target a local audience, or specific group.

It is about making sure that people who are looking find you at the exact right time. These users are looking for your product or service for a reason and as they are looking. There is a serious intent to purchase, most users will purchase the product or service that they have searched within 24 hrs of looking .

Organic Seo

We’ll help you increase the percentage of organic visitors you receive to your website converting them into customers. The  organic package, includes on page and off page seo optimisation, through a mix of blog posts, magazine submissions, link building and other rank building activities . Building an organic seo following is very strong way to be successful and gain a loyal following. These followers will be great ambassadors for your business.

Other search engine optimisation services

 Seo services that we offer to business in the UK are toxic back link clean up seo services. Bad link to your site can seriously harm your rankings and trust from Google.In certain cases it is know to completely drop your site out of search engine  results overnight. To fulfill this service we will complete a full & in-depth website analysisWe also offer blog outreach & additional on page recommendations for maximum results

Search Google seo & digital marketing

Search Engine Optimisation Know How

Technical Seo Skills

The thing with websites is you can have the most engaging content and a beautiful site, but if it is not being seen by users then effectively it is useless, the chances are Google is not seeing it either. This is where we come in, we have built up teams who are authorities in their own areas.

We know that the perfect project needs to be placed with the most suitable team member. As all our team have technical  knowledge in building websites, this makes giving you amazing results a lot easier & effectively a better return on your investment from your marketing. They know how to build Seo optimised sites and excel at ranking them highly.

SEO Optimized Content

Your website needs to contain good amounts of high quality content, it is like having a car. You must feed it with fuel and maintain it regularly with new content so it becomes the high performance Ferrari you always wanted. Perfectly balancing the  content is an art in itself, low quality content means Google believes it is irrelevant.

If it is deemed irrelevant, then it with not register and rank, it is that simple. High quality informative and engaging content will flag with Google that it is new, relevant, informative and will gladly show it to people via search results. The more people who see your content and engage with it, the more Google likes it and ranks you higher.

Seo Marketing Strategy

You now have the technical site, the quality content and the strategy is in place. The strategy, getting the right people to work the right part of the project. The best content marketers are used to create engaging content, that a user will want to share.

The seo technical team, tweaking the site and optimising how your content is seen. We have PR experts who can create  news article and get them out to the right people, so that your content is appearing before them. All this together builds your brand name up, you start to become an authority in your industry your trusted.

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