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Social Media Marketing for beginners in 2019

For a social media marketing campaign in 2019 to be successful. You need to be active
It simply isn’t important whether you are active on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Even Snapchat is doing well, although Instagram is crushing it.
These social media platforms have over a hundred million active users daily.
But as a beginner all of this is  too complicated to fathom and can be complicated.
Social Media Icons

How to get started on Social Media

Today I’m going to give you a few simple tips on you how to get started
with social media as a newbie.
The first thing you must decide is which social media network is
the right social network for you and your business.
Yes there’s a lot of them and really it doesn’t matter which one you use.
Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat it’s up to you to evaluate and decide on which network you want to be on.
You say “well i  want to be on all of them ” and yes you could be on all of them.
Unfortunately if you’re trying to concentrate on all of them, you’re not gonna spend enough time and effort
to make these profiles worth while and engaging. You can’t spend enough time on them and that will be your downfall.
Therefore you will only end up hurting your business. Not getting the results you want and this is caused by lack of time and focus and you become half-assed. Do not settle for a mediocre job. You will not get the reach you want, it will destroy your confidence.
Social media, was way easier to attract traffic from in the last few years. Then came algorithms and their continual updates.
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Social Media Algorithms

Algorithms are so strict these days and that is for one simple reason
the competition.  Today Google is only looking for the cream of the crop.
Hence if you’re not the best of the best, you going to have to work even harder to reach the or, more blood sweat and tears or dont and you’re not gonna do well.

Picking the right Social Media Platform

Pick the right social network and concentrate entirely on this one. You decide as with all things.
What’s right for me may not be right for you.
If you are a business and want to do business with other businesses with (B2B).
Then there is only one real choice and that is LinkedIn.  It is gonna be the best social network for you.
You can use Twitter as well. I would seriously suggest LinkedIn as it is typically much better all round option.
If you’re business is more B2C, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube all perform really well.
YouTube works for both B2B and B2C to be honest with you when used correctly.
Now here’s the thing you also have to look at what content type do you like creating.
Ask yourself a few questions before thinking Youtube.  The main on is are you someone who is creative and has the ability to be really good with videos. Hence if this is you probably have a go with YouTube or possibly LinkedIn.
Facebook is by far these days the much more competitive choice and is now also getting more expensive with their paid ads. With YouTube, even if you don’t have an audience you will eventually get more traffic over time with some perseverance .
Choose your audience demographics as each one is targeted towards different ones for example
Facebook is amazing for an older target demographic, whereas Instagram and Snapchat are a better option for a younger target audience amazing.

Social Media Content

You have decided which social network is your weapon of choice. With that in mind
you need to do is start creating content. Do not worry at this stage about not having
friends & no established following.
If you don’t have any content on your profile, they will not follow you any way.
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Completing Your Social Media Profile.

Every social media platform has a profile page that you need to complete Facebook, Twitter, Instagram they all have have profiles. Therefore you need to do a complete and through profile .
This is Lisa.  Lisa has completed everything on her profile for her business from a username
email address.  Besides adding to really high quality images, she has a description of who she is and what her company is about.
People need and want a reason to follow. Hence this is your time to shine.
Talk about the benefits that the users will experience from following you and why subscribing to your page, is going to benefit them as a follower.

First important piece of content is your Social Media profile.

Do some research before completing your profile by checking out your competition.
Every business will have competitors and you shouldn’t be afraid of them.
Look at the bigger companies they already have the blue-prints mirror it. DO NOT COPY
Review your competitors profile, their content.  Is there a subject, product, campaign that is doing for well for them, what content is not performing well, analyse why.

I’m no good at content

If you don’t know how to create content, then you are probably overthink it. Use what i call the KISS Method
I- It
S- Simple
S- Stupid
Sharing some links, of relevant information, videos, blogs. Update your status, whats happening in the business.
Users love to know what is going on, as a human race we are all getting nosier don’t forget that.
If you’re still not too sure what to share, then you can use sites like
Type in any keywords that you would like to target from your industry or niche. Buzzsumo will show you all the popular articles.  It basically will show you the analytics of these post. For example what is popular and what people like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Basically all the social sites.
Now you have some useful information. You have content idea’s, and what users are searching for and enjoying.
It is time to create the content.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You will get better over time, you just need to get out there and fill your profile.

Engaging & connecting with your social media audience

You are on Social Media and you must be social. Yes you do feel hidden behind a computer and can feel disconnected but on the other side of the screen are your potential users.  Build a connection and invite the ones you already have a connect with like your friend.
This is a real person who you physically know invite them to become friends on Facebook.
Send them a follow request on Twitter and they will likely follow you back.
These are the low hanging fruit. You already have a connection and do not need to spend huge amounts of time building one with them.
seo checker boardIf you are looking to attract users you don’t know then this is where the work starts.  You need to find a way to build that connection.

Build a connection

Here is how you are going to do this.
Go and look for all the people in the industry you are in and view
who are active and what status updates they post.
Do they have questions respond to?
Give them an answer or opinion on the subject you dont always have to agree, just give your perspective.
A fresh perspective on a subject may just be what they need and it really can help them out.
You may see that they have written an article on a subject feel free to share the content especially
if you think it can be valuable, simple right?
It really doesn’t take a few seconds to share a post even if it is from one of your competitors repost, re-share, whatever it may be.  You are looking to build engagement.

Use your competitors audience

Your competitors and already spent time building and audience.  Tap in to this and use it to your advantage.
You will find maybe on a competitors fan page they have asked a question.  One of their users has asked a question.
Respond to them, help them out, give them some advice.  It all sounds too simple but in fact that’s how you build a connection.
If some one answers your comment you should acknowledge this with either a thank you or an answer
That’s how you can engage without knowing someone.
Over time as you engage more and more you will see more users and people will come to your site, they’ll follow you.
You are now confident, you are authoritative and find it much easier to engage deeply with them.
Soon they’ll become a loyal ambassador and follower’s.

Social media follower numbers are irrelevant

You could have 1,000 followers or 10,000 followers, it doesn’t always mean anything.
Let me explain, what you really need is quality connections, more personal ones.
If your first 100 users, fans or followers don’t engage with your post, via likes, comments, shares
The algorithms will see this as bad and that you don’t have good content.  The way the algorithms work is on percentages.  If you had 2 million fans but only 4 thousand of them interact with your content.
In your eyes you may see this as wow 4k people engage with me.  Unfortunately in an algorithms eyes this is terrible engagement, its not good content an they will punish you for this.
In other words if you  only had 1000 fans and 350 of them regularly engaged with your content. Algorithms would see this as positive and show your content to more people.  Why? Even though you have less followers percentage wise you are producing better content with a great engagement rate.  Facebook, Google Linkedin will simply not show content that no one likes to others.
On this occasion numbers of followers does not matter, you could still outrank businesses with higher content.
Hence great content to a smaller loyal audience who engages is worth more than thousands or millions of followers.

seo checker factors imageQuality content & users over quantity

I have explained this to plenty of businesses, concentrate on building great content which answers or solves a problem for a user.  Forget about pushing them straight to your site, users don’t want to be pushed.  Guide them and over a space of say three to six months you can willingly show them to the front door of your site.  Most will ask to be led.
This happens because of the relationship you have built up over time, the trust is not there.

Social media relationships & trust

How many of you would buy off someone who you have never met that comes up to you in a cafe and says “would you like to buy this”.
Not many of you i’m sure.
However if you had seen this person and had brief conversations with them over a sustained period of time.
Then they ask you, i’m pretty sure the outcome is likely to be different.
In other words be patient when building an audience organically. In the long run it will hugely benefit you and your business more.
If you want instant results, go for a PPC campaign and get ready to be continuously be running these.
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