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So what is Social Media Marketing?

Let us give you a quick run down on SMM, and how it can help your business to grow exponentially. SMM for short or in its full term Social media marketing, is a form of internet content marketing that involves you creating and sharing content on Social Media networks.

You do this in order to achieve your marketing & branding goals, you may want to ask users about a new product or service, so it is being used for market research, promoting an up and coming product, getting feedback on services. There are so many ways to utilise social media to benefit your business.

If you are not utilising some sort of social media content marketing you are missing out.

Social Media Marketing Services For All Businesses.

EBK Marketing is a Social Media Management company. We provide a range of Social Media services for businesses, along with search engine services (SEO), Content creation & SEO website design services. We partner with businesses designing  results driven strategies, create the content & manage top-performing social media campaigns. Our company manages social media networks for all businesses including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram on behalf of our partners. We use a range of technology, analytics and good old fashion know-how to provide relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow and achieve their goals.

The Main Of Social Media Marketing For Businesses

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YourTube
  • SnapChat
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Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Have A Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before you start to think about content for a marketing campaign, you must first come up with a strategy.

At this stage you must consider what you want to achieve from a campaign and your business’s goals.

In reality if you start a social media marketing campaign and you don’t have your goals set out, then you are destined to fail.

You may as well be in the desert with no idea on which way to go, yes you may enjoy creating the content, but if you do not know where you going with it, you will undoubtedly end up lost .

 Ask yourself some important questions first when defining your expectations from your campaigns:

  • What are your goals and what would be the perfect result you are hoping to achieve?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Do you know where to find them
  • What message are you wanting to convey via social media marketing?

The industry of your business, should help you when asking the question of where to look and the starting place on how to drive traffic to your social media marketing campaigns

Make a plan and complete regular analysis, of your strategies, tweak where necessary and nurture your business, drive it forward each day.

Here Are A Few

Tips For Social Media Marketing

To Improve Your Strategies

Send a clear message to your followers

  •  The use of social media for marketing purposes, gives you the ability to send out your message and clearly define brand image. If you use various types of social media applications, you will use each in a different way.

Promote your content

  • Promotion of content through Social Media is at an all time high, users love content and they will happily spend hours on a site, if it is informative, useful to them and they have a need for what you offer.  Social media marketing is simply perfect to grab someones attention and direct them to to your site and to share what you are offering.  The key is to build a loyal following on your social media accounts, The apps these days have so many tools that you can post your new content and know that the user will see it instantly.

Share informative content, information & links

  • Share Informative Links — What do we mean by this you ask well don’t hog your social media just for your content.  If you see something that is likely to be useful to your users or readers link to it. This is a great way for your site to be more informative.  Google will like this, your audience will like this and it is a great way to attract new people to your site, who may have never visited before.  A lot of other sites will link back to you. Follow your competition. Knowing what the competition is doing can give you value information on what is working or not working for them, use it to your advantage.
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  • Your message is your voice

  • Be creative with your content

  • Solve problems & provide useful information

Partnering with us for your Social Media Marketing


We start every content marketing campaign with an on-boarding questionnaire, so we can understand your values, the message you are trying to deliver and begin with your creative concept. We’ll work with you to identify valuable content, blogs, video’s, surveys that you already have and can be tweaked, updated and used. For example, your company might be trialing a new product or developing or updating an old service so we can use this previous content to develop new content ideas based on your company’s strengths and offering

Content Design

Above all, our vastly experienced design team builds, nurtures makes a workable strategy from your creative concept, until it becomes reality. We have our fingers firmly on the pulse when it comes to new design trends and our tech loving Geeks are always looking for new and improved creative ways to convey your business message to your targeted users. We’ set out a design your concept agreement before we start with a set number of revisions, in place so we can get the look and message of the campaign just right.

Content & Strategy Development

As with most digital Social Media marketing agencies. We focus our content efforts and marketing towards the largest audience which in 2019 is online via various social media methods, that’s not to say we don’ have the ability to create offline marketing too, as we can create other media marketing advertising for your business.

Our professional team is built up of many different talents developers and they will use the latest methods to build your concept in a way that is technology friendly and easily accessible and shareable via any device. The content is optimized using keywords to increase the chances of the targeted audience viewing the content and to increase your search visibility too.

Promoting Your Content

The last stage of the development of your designed creative content is to optimize it for true search engine visibility.

In detail new content, such as blogs, news, video’s all need to be indexed. Therefore getting them ranked correctly by Google and the other search engines or it is wasted content. By indexing it with the search engines. It will be shown to the right people who are looking to find your amazing content. We use other methods simultaneously to promote a truly successful campaign. Get your message and stunning content to as wide of an audience as possible.

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